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2023-08-22 21:50:39

iPhone 6 - How to Add a New Email Account

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How to add a new email account on the iphone six .

So here at the bottom , you can see there is an email account .

If you tap that , there's no email account set up yet .

So before you can start , go off and use the email , you need to set up one up , you can set up using uh some of the more popular uh email services such as Google , Yahoo AOL or Exchange or Outlook .

Now , you can also choose order if you um if your mail services is not available in this list here .

Now first let's press on the home key to go back to the home screen .

You can tap on this mail icon or you can go into settings and in settings you want to tap on mail contacts and calendars .

So tap on that and then tap on add account .

Now choose from one of the followings .

I will choose Google in this example .

So we'll set up a Gmail account .

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Now you need to put in the email address , so I'll put it in .

So this is a test account .

So you put in your Gmail address , they will put in the password once you put your password in the password field , you can tap on sign in .

Now , if your email uses a two step verification , then the code will be sent to your mobile number or your email address .

You can put in this code to verify and then tap on done .

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So put in the code and then tap on down here and on the next screen , it will ask you if you want to allow the following .

If you're happy , just tap on a loud button at the bottom .

Now , on this next screen , you can choose what you want to think such as mail contacts , calendars or not , but the result of this uh selected .

So tap on save and we have now successfully added a new email account to your mailbox .

And you can also add any other additional email accounts that you have by simply tapping on add account .

And from here , you will need to follow the process again .

So you can choose icloud Exchange uh outlook or Yahoo .

Finally , you can press on the home key to go back to your home screen .

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And then if you tap on the mail icon and then you can see here immediately , it will lock , it will go into the inbox .

You can tap on the mail boxes here and choose what you want to see .

So you can tap on the inbox here .

And from here you can see there are some uh uh emails that already loaded into the list as you can see .

And that's it .

That's how you can set up an email account on your iphone six .

Thank you for watching this video .


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