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2023-08-19 21:01:05

Lose 15 pounds In 1 Week! Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe _ Wonder Soup

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Hey guys , it's Jasmine .

Thank you for clicking on my video .

So it's officially soup season .

Happy Fall .

So if you're interested in a soup , that's not only delicious but will help you lose weight .

Just keep watching .

Alright , so you see me here with these two big ziplock bags because I went ahead .

I like to chop up my vegetables beforehand and kind of store them so I can pull them out and make my soup whenever I need to .

It's kind of a form of meal prepping .

But anyway , I pretty much have one cup of chopped onion , one cup of chopped carrots , one cup of chopped celery and one whole green bell pepper .

I use a large green pepper .

So if you only have a medium , just use two and then I have one green cabbage cut in half .

So that's half of one green cabbage and I will have all the measurements down in the description below .

Alright .

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So now I have a pot on about medium high heat and I'm just gonna pour some olive oil in there and then I'm gonna add in my bag of pre chopped vegetables and I'm just gonna give that a little stir and then I'm gonna cover this for about 10 minutes so the vegetables can get very soft .

All right .

And after about 10 minutes , they should look like this and I'm just gonna give it a little stir .

Now I'm gonna add in two tablespoons of minced garlic and I'm gonna let that cook a little bit more for about two minutes just until you smell that garlic and let all the flavors release .

Now , I'm adding in 14 ounce can of diced tomatoes .

I think I use like the basil or rais a basil oregano flavor diced tomatoes .

And I'm just gonna stir that into there as well .

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All right .

So now I'm gonna go ahead and add in my cabbage and I'm just gonna add in half of the bag first and I'm gonna let that cook down for a minute while I'm stirring it .

And I'm also gonna flip everything .

I wanna mix everything up because you don't want your vegetables just sitting at the bottom of the pot .

So they don't get burned .

So after you mix that all up , then go ahead and add the rest of your cabbage and then you wanna mix that up as well and you know , just make sure everything is mixed well .

All right .

So now I'm adding in my chicken broth and I'm gonna , I'm using a 48 ounce container and I'm gonna use all 48 ounces .

But first I'm just gonna add in about 3/4 of the box and then at the end you'll see me go back in and add the rest .

Alright .

So now I'm just gonna cover that for about 15 minutes and then we have this here .

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It looks so good , it smells so good and I'm just gonna give that a little bit of a stir and now I'm gonna start seasoning so I'm seasoning with one and one half teaspoon of salt , three shakes of black pepper and just go ahead and stir that up really well .

Now I'm added in one half teaspoon of crushed red pepper flakes , one teaspoon , I'm sorry , one teaspoon of chili powder .

One teaspoon of basil leaves , one teaspoon of ground oregano , one half teaspoon of smoked paprika , 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder .

And that is all .

We're just gonna go ahead and mix that up .

You guys .

Oh , this is seasoned so well , it's so warm and comforting .

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And now you just see me going in and adding in the rest of my chicken broth just a little bit so I can cover over the cabbage and then you just wanna go ahead and give that a mix and I'm gonna go ahead and put my top back on there and I'm gonna let that boil on simmer for about uh 20 to 30 minutes .

Guys .

This soup is so warm and so comforting .

It keeps you full .

You don't have to worry about being hungry .

You can eat this soup as much as you want on this diet .

You will lose weight .

Guys , I've been doing this for 10 days and I have lost £15 .

Seriously .

I just make sure I drink enough water and I drink about a gallon of water a day and a pound will fall off .

Guaranteed .

And here you see , I am all done .

I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe .

I hope you enjoy this video and if you like it , just make sure you go ahead and like and subscribe and leave a comment .

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I love when you guys comment , um feel free to post your weight loss results with me and I just wanna thank you for watching .

I want you to have a great day and bye bye .


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