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2023-08-19 21:22:49

Health Tips - 5 Easy Tips to Gain Weight Healthy Way

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Hi , welcome to a new episode of dieting .

Right .

I'm a , a nutritionist .

So in the last video , I spoke about weight loss and ways that you can lose weight .

While in this video , I'm going to be talking about how you can gain weight because while it is difficult to actually lose weight , it is equally difficult to gain weight the right way , which is very important .

So I'm going to be giving you about five tips that are going to help you gain weight again , as I said , the right way because eating surplus food , just junk food or something like that is not going to help you gain the right kind of weight .

So the first point is to calorie surplus on a daily basis .

So what you need to do is make sure that you are eating excessive calories for your weight so that you will gain weight .

But the important point is what kind of calorie surplus you do not go reaching for biscuits and chocolates and junk kind of food , your main meals or your other meals , you just increase the quantity .

The second point is physical activity .

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It's very important to do the right kind of physical activity that will help you gain muscle mass .

So that will help again with gaining weight if you're going to be doing too much of cardio , I don't think it's going to help you gain that weight .

So find the right kind of physical activity and make sure you consistently at it .

Point number three is eating more than just your main meal .

So generally people eat breakfast , lunch and dinner , I would say make sure you have a good evening snack and a morning snack so that they add to your excessive calorie intake per day .

Fourth point is making sure to check for any deficiencies in the body , do a blood check or also generally your body gives you sign like your hair loss or skin pigmentation or whatever it is .

And also make sure another point is make sure that your body is absorbing everything you eat .

A lot of the times it does not absorb all the food you're eating .

And so you don't gain weight .

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The last one is stay away from junk food and sugars because what happens is whenever people are slightly underweight , they think that they can afford to eat junk food and sugar .

But you cannot because a lot of the times when you do eat that , it's not helping with your gut and hence , it's not helping with your weight gain .

So these are the five points that you can follow , gaining weight .

And if you do follow them consistently .

You definitely want to see that gain of weight .

Um , I think with gaining weight , you need to make sure you organize and meal prep and keep everything in order and just follow it to see best results .


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