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2023-08-19 20:57:31

How to Make Japanese Pancakes (Souffle Pancake Recipe)

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Very thick .

Yeah , I got my fork right here , Dr Moss .

Hello everybody .

I'm Shinichi .

I'm Satoshi .

Today we're gonna be making a delicious Japanese style souffle pancake that you guys are going to love .

Let's get started .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So here is Japanese super red pancake .

Very thick , very thick .

Yeah , I got my fork right here .

Is it so good ?

It's so thick and it's so fluffy .

There's no dryness in it whatsoever .

Mm That's good .

That's good , isn't it ?

So once again , please help us to choose what to make next time .

First choice is Rainbow grill cheese sandwich is trending on the internet .

Sure .

Is we like to try it and we are very curious to try making that as well .

Now , the second choice is a very traditional yet simple .

Our version of the egg salad sandwich the way my mother used to make it for me all the time .

So please choose , let us know in the comments down below .

Also let us know what you thought about today's Japanese sle pancake .

It's really good .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And if you've never tried it , try them out for yourself because you will be amazed at how fluffy and delicious they are .

As always , thanks for watching .

Subscribe to our channel for more videos if you haven't already done .

So check out more videos by clicking on the eye and see you guys again on our next meal .

Thanks for watching .

Bye .


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