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2023-08-22 22:17:35

Rasmalai - By Vahchef @

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Hello , welcome back to another session with your was chef at wava dot com .

You know , I've got friends who are 60 years old and I've got friends who are 20 years old .

Yesterday .

I happened to have a guest in my house who's 24 .

We were generally talking and suddenly he told me that he's in love and this guy would not stop continuously for four hours nonstop .

He was telling me how wonderful that girl is , how beautifully she smiles and how great she is .

And in fact , I slept in between and when I woke up , he was still talking in the four hour stock office .

The only thing I have understood was she loves rasmalai man .

I thought , you know , so many people have been requesting rasmalai and I have not been doing .

So I thought why not ?

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I do rasmalai today because I didn't realize most of you are maybe trying to impress your loved ones .

So I thought I'll make it today .

So to make a Ramala is very simple , but there are small little things you need to watch out .

So to make this Ramala , in fact , what I did here , I made my rubble .

In fact , this rabble has become too thick because I've been cooking it for almost , uh , one hour in a non stick pan .

See , to make a rubbery is very easy or even koa to make on a nonstick pan is easy .

Put it sim , let it boil on a slow flame and use a whisk like this , which is a rubber coated .

So it won't , you know , scratch your non stick pan .

So in fact , this is perfectly done .

It is really thick , maybe .

In fact , I have to dilute it a little bit by adding milk .

So what I'm going to do , I'm going to add some sugar to this and make it a little bit sweeter .

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I add some caramel .

Wow , what a nice flavor .

OK ?

Now this is ready .

I'm going to keep this on the side here .

I've got some milk boiling .

So we need to curdle this milk .

So how do we curdle ?

See , this is a very important part of making a rasmalai or rasul .

So what are you making ?

Curling ?

This milk plays a very important role .

So we will learn how to do it .

Either you can take vinegar or lime juice , we can dilute it a little bit , you know , with water and then add slowly , OK ?

You do not want to cuddle this too much , add this vinegar and then slowly your milk will cuddle .

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Now you can see all the pune is separating out as soon as you see , the water is clear , add some ice and then switch off the flavor because I want to stop the process of curdling because we want very soft cheese .

You know , we don't want something which is hard to do that .

You have to stop the process of curdling .

Now you see my puny is very soft .

If it becomes hard , then the whole process is useless .

Look at this , this is not hard panir , this is like a soft cheese .

We want all this water to come out so you can , you can press it slowly , you know , a little bit , you know , it is better if you can hang it for one hour .

So all the water can drain out .

I've taken one is to six of water and sugar .

I put six cups of water and one cup of sugar .

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One very important thing here is you have to bring it to a boil at a high flame .

Ok ?

The water has to be bubbling fully .

Can take some green cardamom .

Just put in your ding chiding Chik and potter and add to this .

So that gives nice flavor to your syrup .

I hung this for like around 20 minutes .

Take a very good clean towel and take this hung in a muslin cloth or any thin cloth , put that towel on the table and then put this thing on this .

Then what do you do ?

Cover it up and then rub it .

See what you are basically doing is you are making a nice dough out of this , OK ?

You don't have to remove it out and just basically rub it .

See , this one does two things .

One thing is it removes any additional moisture .

And second thing is it converts this into a nice paste .

Now , I want to show you see , because I rubbed it with the clark .

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This has become like a soft , you know , dough .

So all I do is take it out and make it into medium sized pulse .

OK ?

Press it a little bit and make it into a nice soft balls just to , you know , make sure that the rounds are not cracked , just make sure it's very nice , smooth .

Now , Rass and Ramal are pretty much made the same way .

Only thing for Rasulo they make it round .

Now you can see how beautiful small these are , you know , and then we're going to add to this hot water .

So I made all of these small size when they come out , they will increase in size .

So what we're going to do , I'm going to add all of them in one shot .

OK ?

And then cut it up and let it boil for just like four or five minutes .

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What sugar does is not just sweetness alone , it increases the density of the water that when you add this cheese , the cheese won't break into pieces and the amount of heat that is needed for the cheese to be intact is very high .

If you put this cheese in a slow flame and then you won't let it steam .

Two things can happen .

One thing is it will break into pieces .

The other thing is the cheese will not puff up like balloons .

So we want these things to puff up like balloons and you want them to become really big .

So let it boil for , you know , five minutes and then we'll see while these as eyes are getting cured .

Let's talk about this .

My a friend who is in love , you know , this guy was talking to me in between .

He's smiling to himself and he was in his own .


NASA is in his own trip .

You know , he doesn't want to listen to anything .

I say all he wants to talk about his love .

See , we all have been in love one time or the other .

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Some of us are lucky to have found love at a very young age .

Some of us I've got married and fallen in love .

Some of us are not so lucky that we never found love for all those of you who have found love , make this rationalize and feed your loved ones .

And for all those who are looking for love , be prepared , get this Ramal life ready .

You never know when you will find the loud ones and so you can feed them .

Look at this , look at this , look at this , look at this .

Maybe I'll find love .

Ok .

Look at this .

They are becoming big but they are not yet done .

Love is such a beautiful thing .

You know , when I was finishing my teenage years , you know , we all get into it when I added sugar .

When it melted off , I took some of that water in this vessel .

So now look at this as life , they have become twice the size of what I added .

Look at this beautiful big size .

Wow .

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Wow , of their cut whenever you remove these things , put it in a little bit of warm water .

So now you can see the size .

Oh , it's still hot , but it's twice the size , what I originally made them into .

And also remember that the sugar syrup is getting thick , you know , by boiling .

So what you do occasionally you have to add some , you know , water to this so that the consistency of this water is always thinner and not syrupy .

If you add it into thick syrup , your rala are messed up .

Our Rasa for Rasa is ready .

So what we're going to do , you know , I made the rubbery , which I cooked for a really long time .

And now what we're going to do , you're going to take another ball and then take this rasul and squeeze a little bit .

OK ?

Don't squeeze too much , very little bit and put it in another plate .

OK ?

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You want to remove this water when you add your rubbery .

You want these things to observe ?

Rubbery ?

I never eat one or two .

Rasam .

I eat at least four .

So , if you ever invite me to your house and you make Rama life for me , make sure serve me four .

Even if I say , oh , no , no , no , no .

You know , don't listen to me if it is Rasa serve me four because that is the minimum quantity I eat at one time and then I'm going to pour nice rubbery .

Huh ?

Ah , you know , this is the freshest rubbery .

Oh , let this thing soak for a few minutes and then just Sprinkle some nuts .

You know , either pistachio or almonds .

Ok .

So isn't it easy to make rasmalai ?

Rasmalai for all those in love .

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Rasmalai , for all those who wants to fall in love and for me friends to all those I know tons of you requested for this rasmalai .

I hope you all can make it really good , make them really soft .

And I wish you all the best with your adventure with rasmalai .

And remember that Wawa is all about inspiring others to cook and eat fresh food .

So please post your recipes and cooking tips .

So others may enjoy with your great cooking .

Thank you .


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