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2023-08-19 21:12:29

Lose weight in your Periods by doing this _Somya Luhadia

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If I tell you that you will lose weight in your period , you will be like , how is that possible ?

We feel so bloated .

There are so mood swing period .

Crams are the most worst thing in this world .

I totally get it because it happens with me as well .

Period crams , mood swings .

But do you know that after your periods are over like the third and the fourth day and especially the last particular time when your periods are going , your estrogen levels are really high .

And at that particular time when you work out , you get the best possible fat loss results .

This is something that very few people know , but I utilize it to my maximum benefit and also my students benefit when they work out on the 3rd and 4th day of their periods , they get the best possible results .

So yes , today in this video , I'm going to share some exercises that will give you the great fat loss results and will help you in your weight loss journey even after your periods .

So yes , let's get quickly started .

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And yes , let's get apart from the great fat loss results .

When we talk about the exercises during the periods , I don't recommend doing intense exercises , but doing walking , yoga and some amazing relaxation exercises can boost endorphins in your body and act as a natural painkiller .

And as a result , your period cans are reduced to minimum .

So , yes , definitely trying out a few exercises during your periods can really help .

The major problem doing exercises during the period is there is a problem of discomfort and you don't feel comfortable during your periods while doing the exercises .

So here is something that I have for all of you that I have been using and is my personal favorite since recent time .

I have a biodegradable sanitary napkin kit from Lemi B that have been recently sent to me and I have been lately loving it .

I can highly recommend it to all of you out there because it's biodegradable and it's really 100% natural chemical fluent periods .

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When I exercise , I use this , it's 100% organically grown , very skinny and soft and it makes sure that your skin doesn't feel that discomfort , you feel very comfortable after wearing it .

So it's made from Oxo biodegradable material that decomposes in a month .

So this is a complete kit , many women experience very high bleeding on the first days and then it goes to lighter on as the days passes by during the period .

So this kit is designed in such a way during the day time .

We have different paths during the night time .

We have different paths .

The kit offers all the products that are adapted to your changing needs during your menstrual periods and you don't have to buy different sized pads or tampons separately .

It really helps you to get rid of those rashes that you feel while exercising during your period .

So it's very soft and comforting .

So yes , definitely give it a try .

So all of you out there , you must try it out .

I can say with my personal experience that it has really helped me .

So yes , uh try it out link would be there in my description .

Now , let's quickly get on to the exercises that you have to do during your periods .

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And after that , in order to get the best fat loss results and also getting some reduced period cramps during your period .

So let's get that .

So this is an exercise flow in your a period .

That means the first three days of your menstrual cycle .

All of these exercises are really comforting , helps you get rid of those period cramps .

Here are some baby crunches , some glute bridges so that will really help you feel fresh and also the night will be comforting .

You will feel very better .

And it is something that you should definitely give it a try since the time I have started working out like these basic exercises and relaxation exercise .

During my period , I have started feeling that my period cramps are reduced to minimum .

My mood swings are better and also it feels really nice when you , when the endorphins are released , the natural painkillers , they act as natural painkillers to reduce the period cramps .

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So definitely give it a try from once and I I definitely recommend this trying it out in the first four days or three days of your periods when you are on your heavy bleeding , try this complete exercise set for 2 to 3 times .

And according to your comfort , I won't push you that much in your period because I know that some people face a really heavy bleeding .

So yes , uh push as much as you can .

Uh you can do it for 1 to 2 times or based on your comfort level , you can push it to three times as well .

So yes , you can follow this complete exercise flow .

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Now , the amazing fat loss exercises that you should follow after your periods are done , like your heavy bleeding is done and you are on your fourth or fifth day of your periods .

At this particular time , your estrogen levels are really high .

You have a really higher energy state wherein you can exercise and get the best possible results .

So here we have some amazing fat loss exercises that you need to follow and all of these exercises need to be performed for at least 60 seconds each of them .

And then you have to repeat this complete entire set as I am repeating in this video as well .

So yes , you can follow this video along with me and this will really help you get the best possible results .

Once this complete set with reputation is done , you have to completely repeat it for two more times .

So yes , I get it like it will take some of your efforts but because your body is in high energy state right now , higher estrogen level , you can do it with sustainability and get the maximum possible results .

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So yes , try it out for yourself and I can assure you that you can get the best possible benefits out there .

Yeah .

Th on you know that .

No OK .

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I was there for have a different , that's what we got is timeless .

We still see in the key , you know , with time get on .

So that's it for this video .

I hope you will find it useful if you did .

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So yes , see you very soon .

Bye bye .

Stay fit , stay happy .

I love you all .


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