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2023-08-22 21:48:10

How To Draw A Funny Waffle + Challenge Time

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I'm just gonna come in here um and lightly add in a bunch of stars and circles to make it look like confetti everywhere however many you like .

So here and there , maybe some bigger , some smaller circles here and there and then you can add some streamers , streamer confetti .

So it's just like a wiggle and then come in there and thicken it up at different um going in different directions .

See maybe one more here , just have fun with this however you like it , something like that .

So I hope this inspires you to draw your own party hat and thank you so much again for watching and if you loved it , please give me a thumbs up and share it and remember to subscribe .

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So you won't miss any new jo so cute videos .

See you later .

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So first let's draw a line and we can start where the syrup is and it's OK .

If we go over the syrup , I'm gonna draw two lines next to each other right down the middle of the waffle .

So right about here .

Yeah , straight down and you can stop at the circle .

Yeah .

Now let's try two more and we're gonna split the left side and we're gonna draw two over here and split the right side .

So , yeah , right down there you go and one right next to it and then two more over here on the side .

Now we can turn our paper sideways like this and this is gonna make it easier to draw straight lines .

We're gonna draw two more lines just like we did over here .

But we're gonna go this way .

So I'm gonna start right here and draw two lines right next to each other .

You can .

Yeah , that's a good spot .

Draw one straight down and then draw another one next to it .

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Yeah .

Now we're gonna do , I'm gonna do two more .

Since I have some sert missing up here .

I'm gonna draw two more .

Leave a big space in between and draw two more lines right next to each other .

That's a good spot right there and just go straight down so you can go right through the syrup because we're using our pencils , we can erase later and then another one .

All right , let's turn our paper back this way .

We're gonna switch back to our markers .

And what is our waffle and butter missing ?

Yeah .

A funny face .

Let's do a happy , crazy funny face on the butter .

I'm gonna draw two circles for the ice and then we could draw smaller circles inside for the highlight and then let's color in the big circle and leave the little one white .

Now let's draw the mouth .

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We're gonna draw a line that goes across and I'm gonna draw him super happy .

And then I'm gonna draw a big U shape for the bottom of his mouth .

Then we can draw a line up at the top for his teeth and then a tongue , a curve down at the bottom for the tongue .

Then let's color in the middle shape .

I don't know why butter has teeth but it makes him look funny .

Yeah .

Now the face for the waffle , we should draw a little angry because he's upset that the butters just hanging out up top .

Having fun .

We can draw two lines .

I'm gonna draw them over here on the side .

This is for his eyebrows can draw him a draw , a little whiter , then he could draw his eyes a little bigger .

Then we can draw a big U shape underneath side .

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Yeah , it kind of does like two tongues and then I'm gonna draw , I'm gonna draw another circle , a small little circle in the top , right for the highlight and then color in the bottom part and leave the little circles white .

Now let's draw his mouth and I'm gonna draw funny w for his lips .

Now , also we're all finished with our waffles except we still need to do one last thing .

What is it ?

Let's use our brown and we're gonna color each of the squares .

OK .

We don't want to color in between the squares .

We want to color the big square .

So this part , we're gonna fast forward .

But then after that , we're gonna use our erasers to erase the guidelines .

Now we're gonna use our pencils .

Well , the erasers and we're gonna erase the guidelines that are left .

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So in between each of the colored brown squares , we're gonna erase the pencil lines , even the pencil lines that go through the syrup .

All right , we got the guidelines all erased .

We're ready to finish coloring .

Let's fast forward one more time .

All right , dude , we did it .

We finished coloring our waffle and yours turned out the best .

I love it the most .

I especially love your funny little butter up there .

It looks really cool , especially with those cheeks and we also added white highlights to the syrup to make it look what Yeah , shiny .

These little highlights are just like the highlights in the eyes and they make the eyes and the syrup look shiny .

What time is it ?

A challenge time .

Yeah , it's challenge time .

We want to challenge you guys to finish your drawing by adding a background .

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You could draw your waffle on top of a plate and then also maybe a fork and a knife next to it .

And what else could they draw next to it ?

A glass of orange juice , a glass of orange juice use your imagination to finish the background on your drawing .

Then parents take a photo of your child's finished drawing and post it to Instagram or Facebook , Facebook and use two tags at Art for Kids Hub and hashtag A FKH challenge that last one keeps all of the art together .

So it's easy to find .

Then on Monday , we're gonna pick some lucky art friends to feature in that lesson .

Sound awesome .

We can't wait to see your finish drawings and we'll see you later .

Our friends .

Goodbye .


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