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2023-08-22 22:05:49

Ask Al – How to Lose Weight and Get Ripped with The OMAD Diet (One Meal A Day)

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Hey , hey , hey , I'm Al Calo .

And this is Ask Al in my last video , I mentioned that I typically eat just one meal a day and a few people commented that they wanted to know more .

So here goes the reason I like this way of eating , which is sometimes called mad or intermittent fasting or the warrior diet or a bunch of other names is that it works .

And on multiple levels , first off , if you're only eating one meal a day , well , there's a good chance your total caloric intake is going to be less than if you started eating right away as soon as you woke up .

Second , I like to pig out sometimes .

But it's also important to me that I stay lean and this style of eating allows me to do both .

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I also believe there are digestive benefits to sometimes taking a break from shoving food in your pie hole at this point .

You might be thinking , well , that all sounds good .

Al But how do you manage to actually refrain from eating all day ?

Fair question here is how I do it first .

I make sure to have a glass of water .

Pretty soon after waking up and then pretty soon after that , I typically have some coffee .

Now for a long time , I was strict about only drinking black coffee because technically putting milk in your coffee means you're breaking your fast , which is against the rules .

But later I decided that I really like putting milk in my coffee .

So who cares if I'm breaking the rules ?

As long as my overall calorie intake remains relatively low , I should be fine .

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So I tried it and found out that it didn't really seem to change much other than that , it started to make my morning coffee a bit more enjoyable .

Now , to be clear , there are days where I have a little snack or two in the afternoon , usually a banana or some berries and occasionally I'll even have a full lunch if I'm really hungry .

But most of the time , all I have is that one cup of coffee with a little bit of milk and then nothing but water until dinner .

This probably all still sounds a little crazy if you're used to eating all day .

But if you've made it this far , you must be a little curious .

So here's what I recommend .

You don't have to jump right in and go full ad right away .

Just try to eat as little as you can until dinner time , whatever that is for you , every time you're tempted to eat something or you're about to eat something simply out of habit .

Just ask yourself .

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Hey , hey , hey , hey , if you're me , can I wait a little while and if you're able to hold out for a little while ?

Well , there's a good chance that your craving is going to go away also drink lots of water because sometimes we think we're hungry , but we're just dehydrated .

Now , the funny thing about eating this way is that most people either can't believe how little I eat or they can't believe how much I eat , depending on what part of the day they spend with me .

Well , that's all the time I've got for now , if you want to know more about this topic , I've made a couple of other ask al videos about it and if you have a question for ask al , just drop it in the comments below .

I'm al and we are working out .


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