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2023-08-19 20:41:10

Easy Chicken Alfredo Recipe

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Hey , I'm John Cannell .

Today on Preppy kitchen , we're making a creamy delicious chicken alfredo .

So let's get started .

First off , grab a big pot .

We're gonna fill it with water , set it over medium high heat and don't forget to salt it .

Nobody wants bland unflavored pasta .

So add in at least a couple of teaspoons .

I like to go heavy on online while that comes to a boil .

We're gonna get our chicken started .

This creamy indulgent recipe calls for three cloves of garlic , but that is an absolute floor .

Like no less than three is how you should read it .

So when I make this , uh I'm gonna go with eight cloves .

I feel like that's a good amount .

As long as the cloves are big enough .

If they're small , I would add some more .

This is so important because you have the cream , you have the Parmesan , but you need to have like another flavor .

Otherwise this is gonna be very flat .

These are on the small side .

So I'm not even counting .

It's just kind of like how it feels in my hand .

That's kind of what you should do .

Give them a smash remove the skin and we're gonna mince them up .

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All right .

That's all minced up .

I went with a conservative nine cloves of garlic .

It doesn't seem like that much in my mind .

It's like a quarter of a cup of minced garlic .

Freshly minced garlic .

Do not use the canned stuff or the jar stuff .

No , no , we want a pound of chicken , but like the garlic , you can double the chicken .

It's gonna be super easy .

There's a lot of sauce and pasta to go around .

So if you want more , just add a couple more breasts and it'll be totally fine .

You just cook it in batches .

These are too thick .

I'm gonna slice them down the middle so they pan fry really easily .

This thickness really has to be finished in the oven , in my opinion .

So you would get nice and golden , pop it into the oven .

Let it come to 1 65 and then take it out .

But that's a lot of work .

So let's just slice it down the middle and we'll have more flavor on the meat as well .

There we go .

Nice .

Make sure your knife is nice and sharp .

Definitely give your hands a wash right now .

Much better .

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Now .

We're gonna season this with some salt and pepper .

Just I say three quarters of a teaspoon , but I do not expect you to have a little teaspoon like this .

Right ?

Same with the pepper .

This man named Alfredo Delio .

Had a wife , she was pregnant .

She wasn't feeling well and felt weak and he wanted to make her something that would be really nourishing but easy to digest .

So we made her a fettuccini dish with this fresh butter Parmesan sauce .

We're having the Americanized version with the cream because it's a whole story .

That's a separate video .

Our chickens prepped .

We're gonna add one tablespoon of butter because it's delicious and two tablespoons of olive oil also delicious different burn rate .

You're not gonna singe the butter warm your butter and oil over medium high heat .

Get that nice and hot .

The butter should be melted .

It'll be sizzling away .

I'm gonna cook this in two batches .

I don't wanna crab the chicken out .

It should be nice and golden on either side and cooked all the way through .

OK .

That looks good .

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The butter is just taking on a little golden color in you go two at a time .

I am going to tell you the story of how it became popular .

Violet cooks because this is too cute .

It's like keeps getting cuter , right ?

So Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks , they were like the superstars of the silent film era and they were on their honeymoon in 1920 in Italy .

They came to Alfredo's Restaurant .

They had his noodles , they were obsessed .

It was delicious .

They gave him this gold plated fork got picked up by the press and they became like world famous noodles .

Everyone wanted to have this Alfredo dish back in the States .

We want to have it .

We just don't have the same ingredients that you have .

Like fresh Italian cheese and butter and everything is like a little bit different there .

So we added the cream to like just kind of get a rich vibe with what we could have at the time .

I think that's super cute .

It's like , oh my wife , oh , I'm married .

This is like a very loving story for a loving hearty dish .

And if it's all made up , don't tell me .

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I want to believe this is all true .

I think it is depending on your cooktop and what medium high means to it .

You'll be cooking for around seven minutes .

Maybe a little bit less , maybe a little bit more .

It totally depends .

Once it's nice and golden , just flip it over and repeat .

I grew up cooking on natural gas and it's a more gentle heat than propane .

Propane is so hot .

It's crazy to me .

My chicken's golden removing it .

As promised .

I love all of these caramelized bits over here .

Next filet and repeat , my chicken is done .

It smells amazing .

It's time to add £1 of fettuccini to my boiling water .

Keep an eye on this .

Just give your pasta a swirl .

So it doesn't stick together and while your pasta is cooking , we're gonna make this easy creamy delicious sauce today .

I'm using a nice or about fettuccini .

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But if you want to go all out and make your own pasta , click up here for my how to make pasta video .

It's a really fun weekend project and it's gonna be even more amazing because you made it .

I drained the oil from my pan and I'm just gonna give it a light wipe .

I want to keep some of the brown bits and that's where the flavor is at .

If it got really blackened , you can go ahead and wash it out and that's gonna be bitter , not delicious into the pan .

We want one half a cup of butter , 100 and 13 g , two cups of heavy cream , 480 mils , all the cream .

And of course , I'm gonna add all that delicious garlic .

There we go .

That's the magic of the recipe in my humble opinion , along with a good Parmesan cheese , this will cook over a medium heat and I'll be stirring fairly frequently .

I don't want anything to singe or burn .

So just her occasionally .

And we're watching for that butter to melt just already .

It smells amazing this with the pasta and that chicken is so simple .

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Almost no ingredients , but it's beyond delicious .

The last bit of prep is to grate your Parmesan cheese .

Get a nice Parmesan .

This is what you are tasting aside from the garlic .

So I would always recommend just using a nice wedge , create it on your own .

And if you can a micro plain is gonna be the best for this .

It's like an angel cloud of cheese .

I'm using a scale because I want 90 g or one cup and I don't wanna mush all the cheese down to fit into a cup because I clearly want to add as much as possible .

It's snowing cheese , but that's kind of snow .

All right .

Let's see how much cheese we have either weigh the cheese , use your heart as a measurement or use a scale because this is definitely one cup and it's only 40 g .

So I'm not even halfway there .

What I remember this last time I made this uh two weeks ago , it was just like a mountain of cheese because this shredder creates so much fluff .

My butter all melts it .

I'm reducing this to a simmer .

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Very actually to like the lowest of lows .

The hottest cooktop .

I'm gonna cook this stirring frequently for about five minutes or until it thickens up .

We're really just steaming off the useless water in this sauce .

I want all flavor .

I also want to make sure that the garlic is really just like beautifully cooking and losing some of the bite , getting some more flavor and soaking all that cream with maximum garlic flavor .

OK ?

Is this 90 g ?

No , I'll just be here grating cheese all day long , but I won't complain because I'll be snacking on the cheese .

Yeah , we did it .

We're gonna season this with half a teaspoon of salt to start and half a teaspoon of cracked black pepper stir that in .

We're going to continue to simmer until it thickens up .

Keep it on that pasta too .

It should be perfectly al dente , not overcooked .

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And one of the most important things of all is you need to reserve a cup of the pasta water because you know Alfredo .

Oh my gosh .

It's silky and amazing .

It's like the most luscious thing ever right after you mix the pasta in and then the pasta sucks up what little water was left and it becomes like a block of deliciousness but it loses that silky texture .

The pasta water is gonna save you has tons of starch that seeped out of the pasta and it'll loosen the mixture up and wake it back up right away .

OK ?

It's done .

It is firmly on the al dente side .

How I like it is not gonna fall apart .

Mm .

As promised , I'm reserving one cup of this magical pasta water .

Set that aside .

Now we're gonna drain the pasta .

Coincidentally , my sauce is reduced .

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It's time to add the Parmesan cheese .

So I'm gonna gradually whisk it in over a low heat so it becomes melty .

Oh my gosh .

The smell .

Mm .

This is like the best indulgent comfort meal ever .

Chicken soup gave me some Alfredo .

There we go .

Another reason you really want to use a finely grated Parmesan is it melts immediately if you have like a big chunk or a couple of big chunks hanging around and you're heating the cream sauce .

It could break .

That wouldn't be nice .

So this allows you to use like a really gentle heat and it saves you some time too .

Just like that .

It's all whisked in .

I'm taking this off heat and we're gonna grab our pasta just before assembly slice the chicken breast up according to your desires .

Now we're adding our freshly cooked pasta right into the sauce .

You can give it a toss to coat as you go .

This is currently the boy's favorite dinner .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

By the way , Lachlan and George will eat massive portions of this .

So it's actually gonna be tonight's dinner right now .

This sauce looks amazing .

It's silky and liquid and just gorgeous .

But as soon as it sets up , just get some pasta water , it can help if you heat the pasta water up and it's just gonna make everything silky and wake it right back up , finished off with a Sprinkle of parsley and just like that .

It's ready to enjoy .

Yeah .

What's so magical about this is that aside from it being cheesy garlic creamy amazing .

It's like just so delicious .

It feels light and almost refreshing .

It's hard to believe .

But you've got to try this out and I hope you get a chance to make this recipe and if you like this video , check out my pasta playlist


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