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2023-08-19 20:58:16

How to make Chinese Steamed Pancakes For Peking Duck 春餅 - Morgane Recipes

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I'll show you how to make Chinese steam pancakes .

They are mostly associated with a picking duck .

We wrap slices of picking duck with Chinese barbecue sauce and some vegetables .

You can also set your creativity free by wrapping on kinds of sweet or salty ingredients .

For example , strawberries with whipped cream , fresh vegetables with seasoned cream slices of green meats with a hot sauce .

Here are the ingredients for 32 pancakes .

You can find the list and other recipes on my website cooking with morgan dot com .

I save 250 g of flour in a small bowl .

I dilute one quarter of teaspoon of salt in 150 mL of boiling water .

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I pour the salty water on the flour wine mixing .

Then I need for five minutes .

Mhm .

I put this dough in a bag .

Then I let it rest for 30 minutes at room temperature .

After 30 minutes , I knit it for another one minute .

I Sprinkle with flour .

My board and roll .

I divide the dough into two .

I keep half in the bag to prevent it from drying .

I divide the first half into 16 equal parts .

Then I do the same with the second part .

I will get a total of 32 parts .

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I sprinkled them with a little flour .

I flattened them in two small round pieces .

I keep them under cloth .

I spray them with a small roller to get disks .

I brushed the steam basket with a little oil to prevent the first pancake from sticking .

I put it in the steam pod heated over medium heat now to spread the disk into the pancakes .

It's easier to use a lonely pin .

I regularly Sprinkle my work board and roll .

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I spread a first disk into a thin pancake .

I put it in a basket .

Then I put a lid .

I spread another disk .

I placed my second pancake on the first one in a basket and so on .

Until the last one I let the last pancake cook for one minute .

After cooking , I did show pancakes one by one when they are still warm .

Otherwise they will remain stick together .

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They are thin , almost transparent .

They have an elastic texture at this stage .

You can keep them in the freezer .

Thank you for watching and sharing my recipe rendezvous in my next homemade dish video .


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