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2023-08-19 21:24:32

7 Side effects of Weight Gain Tablets - Dr. Anantharaman Ramakrishnan

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I'm Doctor Anant Rahman , consultant , Endo Technology at Magna Clinic for obesity diabetes and endocrinology .

BT M second stage Bangalore as a practicing endocrinologist .

So I have come across many patients who want to gain weight or increase their weight by using drugs or uh tablets .

So there are inherent problems with such an approach .

Firstly , uh your BM I or body mass index or your natural weight itself is actually determined by your genetics and also by uh the environmental history .

What has happened to your nutrition in the past ?

Of course , if someone is underweight , uh we could try to improve their weight naturally by improving the nutrition by increasing the protein intake and making sure that appropriate micronutrients are given .

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So , of course , there are over the counter supplements available as far as micronutrients are concerned , which may be helpful in order for someone to retain the micronutrient composition that is there in their diet .

So , but the concept of actually using endocrine treatment in order to gain weight may not be very attractive .

Uh firstly , if you are using testosterone to gain gain weight , it has got several adverse effects .

One of them being uh for a male .

If they use testosterone , there can be increase in breast size , gyma can be there .

Uh there could be uh increase in the blood count for the hematocrit may increase and uh cause uh various side effects including even stroke .

And also there can be abnormal lipid profile .

And uh in those who are middle aged and who want to gain weight and using testosterone , it may even precipitate a heart attack or a stroke directly .

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So , coming to other methods of weight gain , of course , using the Glucocorticoid or a steroid , uh to gain weight , uh would actually cause abnormal proportioning of the weight .

The weight tends to gain around the face in the abdomen and causes stretch marks in the abdomen .

So these are some of the problems with using drugs for gaining weight and not using a proper nutritional approach for gaining weight .

Of course , the best way to gain weight would be to do weight bearing exercises , go to the gym and actually use your muscles and also take an appropriate nutritional advice for weight gain rather than resort to drug therapy .


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