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Change Your LIFE With THESE 8 Apple Cider Vinegar MUST-KNOW Hacks!

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Hey there viewers .

Let's talk about apple cider vinegar something I'm sure you drink every day .

Just kidding .

But seriously , it can do great things for your body from helping you lose weight to keeping your heart healthy .

However , you shouldn't drink it under certain circumstances .

There are rules to follow .

Why can't I take it straight ?

Is it unhealthy to drink before bed ?

Should I have it before a meal or after ?

Let's talk about eight Apple Cider vinegar rules .

You need to follow .

Number one , don't drink it straight .

Kicking things off .

One of the best advice we can give you is to drink apple cider mixed with something else .

You didn't seriously think we were going to drink a full glass of it .

Did you ?

And how about your water or your tea ?

The vinegar might give it a unique sort of kick , you know , similar to how you're growing .

Father pours a bit of whiskey into his coffee .

We are not recommending that by the way , the reason you shouldn't drink it straight is because there are several effects it can have on your body , consuming it in large quantities while it's in its pure form .

Will seriously hurt your insides .

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Let's dive into those details .

Number two , don't drink it before bed .

Apple cider vinegar is ok to have during the day .

But if you drink it before going to sleep , you're asking for trouble .

Apple cider vinegar really does a number on your throat .

It'll give it a burning sensation that drives you crazy .

This isn't a pleasant way to end the day .

Have you ever had esophagitis ?

Sorry .

Let me turn off the science talk .

Have you ever had throat burn ?

This is a condition where your throat becomes irritated , causing it to swell up and burn .

In the case of apple cider vinegar .

It's acid content is very powerful .

If you're laying down , it can hurt your esophagus to the point where it feels like it's on fire .

In one incident from 2005 , a woman swallowed an apple cider vinegar tablet when it got lodged in her throat .

It caused really painful burn .

So painful that she reportedly had trouble swallowing for as long as six months after just as a measure of caution .

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If you do have a little apple cider vinegar before bed , make sure you sit up right for at least 30 minutes before hitting the pillow .

This will ensure that there's no acid reflux and your esophagus isn't irritated .

You don't want to wake up feeling like your throat is being barbecued .

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Number three , apply carefully to skin .

If apple cider vinegar can irritate your throat , just think about what it can do to your skin , it can cause your skin to react dramatically .

This is if you're using it wrong when applied properly .

Apple cider vinegar can get rid of pimples and dandruff .

It's like a teenager's dream acne product .

Apple Cider vinegar can also ease your sunburn .

Applying apple cider vinegar to your skin can boost the skin's ph level and strengthen its protective barriers helping you withstand those harmful rates .

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Studies have even shown that Apple Cider vinegar is more effective in skin treatment than certain soaps and cleansers .

I'm talking about actual products specifically made to treat your skin .

If you suffer from acne , you're probably wondering where you can get your hands on some of this stuff .

But keep in mind it will only work if a minimal amount is used .

This again is due to its acid content .

If you're not diluting Apple Cider vinegar , when applying , it'll kill skin cells and even leave chemical burns depending on how much you applied .

These markings can be semi permanent seriously .

There was one particular incident where a 14 year old girl suffered erosions on her nose after applying Apple Cider vinegar to her face , it turns out she was trying to remove moles and she had read bogus information online .

So be cautious and don't overuse apple cider vinegar .

Especially not to get rid of permanent markings .

Number four , don't drink too much apple cider vinegar is good for you .

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But in moderation , keep that word in mind because of its numerous health benefits .

It might be your first instinct to down half a bottle in one sitting .

This is wrong .

People have different reactions to certain drinks and apple cider vinegar is no exception .

If you're new to this drink , it's advised that you ease into it .

Drinking too much , too quickly can really upset your stomach .

You might also feel an intense burning sensation similar to the one we described with your throat .

If you'd like to give apple cider vinegar a try start with no more than two tablespoons a day .

This will lower your chances of getting a harmful reaction .

Drink it with some water for starters .

Number five , don't inhale this .

You know how your teacher told you not to sniff glue as a kid .

Well , the same goes for apple cider vinegar when used with steam .

Apple cider vinegar can release , leave your sinuses by stopping infections .

It can also prevent headaches but breathing it in on its own .

That's dangerous business .

Inhaling apple cider vinegar will really beat up your lungs .

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Think about it , you're exposing your insides to raw acidic liquid that has the potential to burn .

I mean , you can't fool around with this stuff while you can drink it in small quantities .

Do your best to avoid breathing it in .

This begins the moment you open the container and oh yeah , you need to stay away from sniffing glue too before we continue .

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Now , back to our list of eight apple Cider vinegar rules .

You need to follow number six drink before eating .

You know how they tell you not to go swimming right after you eat while the same applies to apple cider vinegar .

If you wanna mix a drink with some apple cider vinegar , make sure you do it before your meal .

The best time to drink apple cider vinegar is on an empty stomach .

It takes about 6 to 8 hours for your food to pass through your stomach and down into your small intestine .

The vinegar sharpens your ability to digest food .

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Having some apple cider vinegar right before your meal will prepare your body to process it .

But that's not the only benefit to this practice .

It's also said that drinking apple cider vinegar before a meal can help you feel full quicker .

A study from 2005 showed that apple cider vinegar before food can lower your calorie intake between 200 to 275 calories .

If you're looking to lose weight , this is something you can try for all you daredevils out there .

If you're going to drink it after your meal , I would recommend you wait at least 20 minutes .

Number seven , don't take swigs .

We all hate that friend that walks around in the summertime with a bottle of alcohol , taking arrogant sips whenever they feel .

I mean , come on , there's a time and a place for that and please put a shirt on .

Well , taking swigs of apple cider vinegar is also a no , no , but for health reasons to put it simply don't take sips from the container .

Not only are you over using it ?

The acid of the apple Cider vinegar can seriously damage your teeth , particularly your tooth enamel .

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Tooth enamel is the outer surface layer of your teeth .

It's supposed to protect your teeth from decaying highly acidic foods , ruin your enamel , making it easier for those curly whites to rot .

In one study from 2014 scientists exposed wisdom teeth to vinegar in just four hours .

The teeth lose up to 20% of their minerals to prevent apple cider vinegar from doing this .

Drink it with a straw .

This way , the drink has minimal contact with your teeth .

Also , if you feel the need to brush , avoid doing it for about half an hour after drinking .

Number eight , keep away from your Children much like corrosive or poisonous chemicals .

You need to keep apple cider vinegar away from kids due to all the negative effects it has on people's skin , throat and lungs .

Children are particularly vulnerable to it .

In fact , researchers have recommended vinegar itself to be labeled as a potent and caustic substance and be placed in childproof containers .

If you have apple cider vinegar out , make sure it's out of reach of your kids .

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Do you use apple cider vinegar on the regular ?

Would you consider following any of these rules ?

Let us know in the comments below .

We'd love to hear from you .

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