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2023-08-22 21:58:59

How to Make Better Pancakes From A Box Mix

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Hello .

How are you today ?

We're going to make better pancakes from a box mix .

First melt , three tablespoons of butter .

Next , we are going to sift two and one half cups of pancake mix of your choice .

I've used even really cheap pancake mixes and because we're going to doctor it up , it doesn't really matter .

It's worth the time it takes to sift the mix because it takes out all the extra lumps .

Next , we're going to add three tablespoons of sugar .

Next is one cup of buttermilk or whole milk .

I personally like buttermilk the best .

Next comes 1/4 of a cup of Sprite 7-Up or Mountain Dew .

It sounds weird but it will make your pancakes fluffy and don't worry , you won't taste it .

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Then add your three tablespoons of melted butter .

Next , you're going to add one large egg plus the yolk of another egg and reserve the white of the second egg .

Now we're going to add one quarter cup of sour cream and one and one half teaspoons of vanilla flavoring gently stir until all the ingredients are mixed but do not over stir it .

Just get everything incorporated right next .

I use my whisk for just a few moments to get all the limps out of the batter .

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Next , you use your hand mixer and um , whip your egg white into medium peaks .

Next , use a spatula to fold in the beaten egg white into the batter and it's ok .

If there are white streaks throughout the batter , that's totally fine .

It's more important that you do not overmix the batter .

I then let my batter sit on the counter for about 10 minutes .

Now it's time to make the pancakes .

You can either use a squeeze bottle or the normal way just by pouring it out of a spouted container .

If you use a squeeze bottle , be sure to cut the tip so that the opening is larger and then you can either use a funnel to put the batter done into the bottle or just pour it in very carefully .

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Next , I heat my teflon skillet over medium heat and I spray it with cooking spray lightly .

Then I wipe out the excess because the excess spray will make your pancakes burn around the edges .

Also make sure not to spray the cooking spray again .

The first time will be enough for the whole recipe .

I only use my squeeze bottle for silver dollar pancakes and I only flip them when they have bubbles all over the surface of the cake .

As you can see here , you just flip them one time and leave it alone .

I might add that .

I almost always trash my first two or three .

So , don't feel bad if you have to .

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Also , once I start seeing this even brown appearance that I know my heat is just right and I flip them one time , I usually wait about 20 seconds and take them off the heat .

And if you don't touch them while they're cooking , they'll rise better .

And that will make your thick fluffy pretty pancakes .

This recipe makes about 20 large silver dollar pancakes and they're delicious .

I hope you enjoy .

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