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2023-08-19 20:52:54

Best Pancake Art Wins $5,000 Challenge!

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Today we will be making pancake art and whichever one of you has the best pancake art after three hours gets to win up to five grand for a food bank of your choice .

All right , your three hours begins .

Now I haven't made pancakes in a while , but I actually used to make them all the time .

So I'm practically a pro make sure they taste good because I am gonna do a taste test and if it tastes bad , I , I might eliminate you .

Oh , this is so funny .

Everyone likes it when you guys like that .

Look like cookie dough .

This looks like tortilla dough .

I've never made pancakes before .

So jazz , I'm just going to follow everything you do .

And then why is it ?

So goopy .

Someone's not making their batter , right ?

No person to make a pancake wins .

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What on earth is this ?

I'm not sure if I would call that a pancake .

You got it .

Hazards Michelle Michelle .

I need to eat that later .

I think I'm gonna have to give it to Mackenzie .

Yes .

All right , Mackenzie .

Here's what's gonna happen .

Choose someone over here .

They're not gonna be able to use their phone the entire day .

Why me ?

This is a rip off .

You check this out .

Look , we just mixed this perfect batter .

There's a little bit of bubbling on the top , but that's completely normal .

Once we add the water , I love mixing it just so much that , you know , sometimes you can't help a little bubbling .

Thats like cottage cheese .

Zack's gonna come back and be like , Jake .

You have fucking done .

Jake .

You literally have nothing done .

No , please don't tell me you're making a cat .

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No , I'm not actually , it's not like a specific thing .

Oh Yeah , let's revisit this in an hour .

See if you still have the same idea .

Hey , Jake literally loses every time because of time .

How are you gonna actually finish this time ?

Well , this time around , I think Mackenzie might try to cost me the entire thing .

I'm putting the blame on her .

Yeah , I'll finish .

Don't worry , I'll finish Michelle .

What are you making ?

Have you heard of construction ?

What ?

Well I'm making .

So I'm gonna make a tiny little like this and you ?

OK .

That's , that's very cool .

I asked you what you were making and you said pan structure a minion .

Oh Wow , Ben .

One in each hand , Ben , what are you making ?

I'm gonna do a little mushroom family jazz .

What's your plan ?

Um I , I want to make a very colorful peacock .

I don't know how I'm gonna make it look realistic , but I think I'll do more of a cartoon effect .

My original idea of doing the Japanese architecture was not turning out , but I decided to actually change it to a Chinese dragon .

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Y'all better see .

Right .

Yeah .

And I was really young boys and girls .

You have five minutes to make a dax logo and I'll judge it afterwards .

Winner gets to pour maple syrup down two people's pants is anyone's done cooking ?

I see the foot .

Oh , wait .

No , I booked it .

Oh Michelle is yours done ?

Let's see it .

It's pretty good .

Ben Zack is the best one .

I'm gonna have to give it to Jake on this one .

Yes .

In your face .

I'm sorry .

Mackenzie .

Jake had some colors down .

The spikes are also a little nicer .

So two people's fans .

Oh yeah .

Are you gonna be maple syrup ?

Mackenzie ?

And are you serious ?

Oh , I've never been so moist before .

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Oh For my next trick , I'm gonna need a volunteer volunteer .

I'm gonna have jazz take off the cap cause she's just like stop .

I should be treated well .

He did get half the bottle as well .

OK .

Tears are flooding my eye off .

All right .

Next challenge .

Everyone has three minutes to make a perfect pancake and then yeah , I'll give you more instructions after that .

Right .

Finish up your pancakes , scoop it up .

Come with me .

You guys are gonna throw your pancake using your spatula .

Try to get as close to that red X as possible .

Whoever is the closest , you gotta do something to one of your friends .

All right , who's up , Jes ?

Go ?

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That wasn't even then get out of here .

Oh , Jake , you win .

So , Jake , you get to pour flour over two of your friends to make this fair .

I'm gonna let each of you guys present your case on why you shouldn't get flowers and winners .

Divide and conquer .

So you want to split it up .

I don't want to be an enemy and I've been flowered before and it was not fun .

I don't even care .

It's been a long day .

Jazz , don't you fire me ?

Tell me who's gonna get flowered ?

For sure .

Go over there , get ready to get flower .

So I think Ben .

Yeah , you're all right .

Jazz .

Go over there .

You look like an old lady .

Yeah , it actually feels crazy .

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Ok .

That's my cue .

I'm done .

All right .

You have three minutes to make a pancake and I'm gonna choose the prettiest one .

All right .

Jazz .

Let me take a look .

All right .

A purple heart .

Mine's a red circle .

Michelle .

What about yours ?

Oh , that's a very round pancake .

So , in that three minutes you did that , I'm gonna have to give it to Mackenzie mckenzie for winning that challenge .

You get a pork maple syrup on someone .

I feel like I know who it is .

I knew it any final .

Well , what are you , what is even going on ?

Says I'll usually win if I finish my art , but every time I do finish , it just gets destroyed .

I hope he'll forgive me .

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321 time's up .

All right , let's start over here .

What do we have mckenzie , a Chinese dragon .

I also put my signature here .

He's got a little claws like his front feet and back feet and like little 3d Whisker thingies and also like three dimensional little spy feet .

I really like the touch with his signature overall .

I'd say very , very nice piece .

Good job Mackenzie Jake .

Tell me about your piece .

Since I didn't have my phone , I had to do something without a reference .

So I kind of just created a frog neck character .

He has lasers coming out from his right arm and he has fireballs coming out from his left arm .

I'm not gonna lie .

I , I feel like he did a really good job with the shadows and detail .

I'm like , you're pretty impressed Jake .

I think you finished on time , right ?

So as a kid , I always got popsicles .

They had a really pretty image on the front .

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I would pull out the popsicle and it's the ugliest thing ever .

This is a popsicle I got , I mean , so rude there we are .

So you could see a lot of snow in the bathroom .

Has this Mushy Tower .

This is Mud Tower .

No shit , Miss Mu not gonna lie .

It still reminds me of the traumatic popsicles for my childhood .

A good job , Ben .

I made a little mushroom family from left to right .

We have Tyler Toby Thompson and the big fat one is great .

I do think it's quite nice .

I , I'm curious why you didn't go for like , a background because , because if I were to remake this piece , I would have stacked them together , but I would have made some , like grass or something just to bring the , to get it .

Because right now it kind of looks like a ton of stuff like stacked randomly on top of each other .

I thought of that , but I just didn't do it .

So you're telling me you got lazy .

No , I tried my hardest .

I spent the first hour trying to figure out how to make batter .

It literally says like out of water or something .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

This is my groovy peacock .

Jonas ta Yeah , he's like 3d 3 dimensional .

I wanted to make it very vibrant .

I would say I really like the patterns on it .

I , I feel like it really pops in and it gives it kind of a trippy look but overall very nice piece .

Uh There's a random mushroom .

OK ?

No , that's what he ate in order to become what I didn't tell you was obviously these are pancakes so they need to be edible , which is why I brought my bodyguard and assistant Mar , you're gonna eat a tiny piece out of everyone's piece and you are gonna be rating it out of 10 , 10 being best pancake of your life .

Zero bing .

It pretty much tastes like tomatoes .

I'll give you like a baseline .

We start with like five .

Take a small piece of it .

Look at this is , it's like a cracker .

I spent the first hour trying to figure out how to make batter .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'll give it a six .

I think it'd be just wait or , or maybe Mackenzie helped him by adding some syrup .

Oh , yeah , that's amazing .

Jay flattering me way too much .

I think Jazz is better .

Thanks , Mark .

I had him taste tested because I was too scared to .

And also what I didn't tell my friends is that their taste score actually determines the order they're gonna be judged in .

So Ben , since you're the lowest we're gonna do sudden death rounds with my subscribers , Jake , you're automatically in the finals .

Yay .

We put Ben's up against Mackenzie's for me to decide Ben .

Do you think you're winning this and Ben is correct ?

Good , Mackenzie .

And you guys are probably confused as to why I didn't tell you guys a punishment at the start of the video .

Well , that's because they're getting punished on the spot .

So each time someone gets eliminated , you get punished right away .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right , Ben , you're eliminated .

I would think so .

All right .

For our next subscriber .

I asked Shean , which one she liked better ?

The dragon or the peacock Mackenzie .

You move on to the next round .

My God .

In my ja .

Hey .

All right .

Give it up for jazz .

I'm a bit disappointed but my art's only getting better .

It's only up from here .

So I asked my subscriber , Marco Heart , your favorite one ?

And I am waiting for a reply .

All right .

And I was correct .

Ok .

Did I really have a chance ?

I don't think so .

Right .

Lila has decided .

Are you guys ready ?

Do you guys know who's getting syrup ?

Actually , I lied .

You're not getting the syrup for the final round .

We will do it over there with buckets of syrup .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Come with me .

Well , they don't know this but as they got eliminated , the punishment actually got larger .

So the second to last person is gonna take a very big whichever one of you loses gets two buckets of maple syrup and the winner of our annual Pancake Art challenge .

Jay get two more buckets .

Go get the bucket .

I subscribe .


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