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2023-08-21 20:42:20

How to Connect Laptop to TV using HDMI - Easy & Fun

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अब आप ये जो ईमेल आपने दी थी यहाँ पे जाएंगे , ईमेल ओपन करेंगे वहाँ पे आपको ऍम वालों की तरफ से एक नोटिफिकेशन आ चुका होगा ।

ऍर अकाउंट आपने सिंपल इसपे क्लिक करना है और आपकी फॅमिली बन चुकी है ।

सो ॅ ऍप्स फॉर हाँ चिंग कीप सिक्स ड्राइविंग टेक ।

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Now that you got all the items that you need for this project , go ahead and grab your laptop and locate the HDM I port on your laptop , most likely on the side , go ahead and grab one end of the HDM I cable and we're gonna insert that into the HDM I port on your laptop and then go ahead and grab the other end of that HDM I cable and on the back of your wide screen TV , locate the HDM I port that you want to plug that into and then plug that HDM I cable into it .

Once that's done more than likely , you'll see no signal on your wide screen TV .

You need to grab your remote control and push the input button and select the HDM I as your input .

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And once that's done , you'll see the same screen on your laptop on your wide screen TV .

In my case , I have the uh windows 8.1 start screen being displayed on my white screen TV , and my laptop at the same time .

And also keep in mind that any keyboard activity and mouse movement will also be seen on your laptop and your wide screen television as well .

Ok .

Um That's it for this video , subscribe and like my video .


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