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2023-08-21 21:06:03

How to Help a Cat Gain Weight

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Doctor Jace King and this is Austin .

We're here at the Washington Family Veterinary Clinic today , we're going to talk about how to get your cat to gain weight .

First of all , that starts off by general health and being able to go visit your vet regularly to see them every 6 to 12 months as they grow and as they get older , especially to have them have regular vet checks so that you know that they're healthy , that's probably the main thing that you want to start with .

The second thing is to have just a nutritious food .

You need to check on the ingredients of your food , make sure that there's plenty of protein , there's plenty of good nutrients within your food because that's going to be probably the most important because if you , if you're feeding your cat a low quality food , your cat is not going to be able to gain weight .

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The other part of the gaining the weight is keeping your cat up to date on vaccines and up to date on deworming and different protocols that way so that the cat isn't having other things , other ailments that are making this cat not gain weight or to lose weight .

Sometimes you're veterinarian or sometimes things that you can do would be to add different foods , not only just dry food , but also adding some type of wet food that will actually enhance the cat to eat .

Sometimes cats will like a little bit of wet food that will actually make them want to eat more and you can mix this with the dry so that they have a better appetite and will gain more weight .

Things to look for in a cat on how trim a cat should be is you shouldn't be able to feel very much fat on your cat on the rib .

You should be able to rub your hands down their ribs and actually not have to push at all to fill those rib .

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You should just fill them as you rub your hands by if you can't fill those ribs , you know that we've got a cat that's probably overweight and if you can feel the ribs too easily or the backbone real easily , you know that your cat does need to gain weight .

So starting off with a full physical health plan , including deworming up to date on vaccines .

A good diet and good health care is probably the start of how to get your cat to gain weight .


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