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2023-08-21 20:44:58

Sourdough Starter Pancakes - What to Do with Discarded Sourdough Starter

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Today .

I'm continuing my , what to do with discarded sourdough starter series .

And I'm going to show you how to make pancakes using just discarded sourdough starter .

No extra flour .

Hi , sweet friends .

I'm Mary and welcome to Mary's Nest .

I'm a former New York City girl now living the simple life with my husband here in the Texas Hill country .

And this channel is all about cooking from scratch , living naturally and creating a cozy home with charming thrift store fines .

So if you're like me and you want to live the simple life , subscribe to my channel and be sure to click on the little notification bell below that will let you know every time I have a new video tonight , we're having pancakes for supper .

And so I thought I'd bring you along while I make them and I'm gonna make them using just my discarded sour dough starter .

I hesitated saying that I gotta get the hang of it , discarded sour dough starter .

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Well , this is my sour dough starter and that's my first cup , uh , that I'm putting in here and I'll get ready to feed this starter tonight .

So I would have had to have discarded some of this , but I'm not going to , I'm gonna make good use of it .

Alrighty , that's my second cup .

The first thing you're gonna need is two tablespoons of melted butter or you can use coconut oil if you prefer .

And you're also gonna need two tablespoons of honey or any other sweetener that you like to use , you can certainly use maple syrup or you can use the dried cane juice .

If you prefer using that , then you're also gonna want to use two eggs , a half a teaspoon of salt .

And then in here , I've got a teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of baking powder .

Now , the baking soda is a leavening agent and so is the baking powder and that'll help uh to make nice light fluffy pancakes in addition to the sourdough , uh , the sourdough starter that also is in itself a leavening agent .

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And the nice thing about adding some baking soda is if your sour sour dough starter is particularly sour , the baking soda will help soften that sourness and make it less sour .

Now , my butter is melted and it's cooled .

So that's uh , that's what I'm , I'm gonna , but I'm still gonna go ahead and add it in first and just mix it in just so that we don't cook the eggs .

But I think it'll be ok because it's pretty , uh , it's pretty cool .

And next , I'm gonna go in and add my honey , I'm , you're just gonna eyeball this , but you want about two tablespoons .

This is a nice rich dark honey .

But you can again use anything that you want any kind of sweetener you want .

And now we'll go ahead and add in the eggs and we're just gonna do the two eggs and now we're gonna go ahead and add in our salt and then we're gonna give this a good mix .

Now we're gonna wait on adding , adding in our leavening agents because the minute we add them , it's gonna really foam up and now we'll go ahead and add in the baking soda and the baking powder .

Yeah , it's getting a little , little foamy .

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Alrighty .

Just get that nicely mixed .

Well , this batter really foams up as you can see .

And now what I've got is my cast iron pan and I've got some melted butter in there and I've got it on a medium heat and bringing that up to temp and then I'm gonna just pour in some batter and once I get the batter in there , I'm gonna turn it down to a low setting while it cooks .

Now I just wanna mention before I do that uh you can add pretty much anything you want to this um like cinnamon or fruit or anything like that .

So feel free to add that in .

But for this purpose , I just wanted to show you the very basic recipe .

Alrighty .

Well , let's put in a scoop of this Oh , I made a mess .

Never wear a party dress .

Alrighty .

Well , now I'm just gonna turn this down to low and I'm gonna let that cook and when I see some bubbles forming on the top , I'll give it a flick .

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Well , I've got some nice bubbles forming on the top so we'll get ready to flip it pretty good .

Look at this lovely sourdough pancake and I loved it .

I don't know if you can see .

It's got all sort of dotted with little holes since the batter was so bubbly , but it was just as light as air when I took it out of the frying pan .

So we'll cut it now in the middle .

Oh my gosh .

It feels so light .

Just cutting into it and I just wanna show you the center .

Oh Look at this .

Look at this beautiful light fluffy pancake and it's so light just picking it up .

It's still quite warm .

But I hope that you can see that how light that is .

If you'd like more recipes for what to do with your discarded sour dough starter , be sure to subscribe to my channel and then click on this video over here where I show you how to make flat bread using discarded sourdough starter .

And I'll see you over there in my Texas Hill Country kitchen love and God bless .

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Mm Delicious .


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