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2023-08-19 20:57:42

Easy Whole Wheat Pancakes Recipe - How to Make Homemade Whole Wheat Pancakes

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We're Adam and Joanne from inspired taste dot net and welcome to our kitchen .

We're sharing a recipe for whole wheat pancakes .

It's a staple in our kitchen and gets rave reviews on inspired taste .

If you're looking for a recipe that uses 100% whole wheat flour .

This is it .

The pancakes are fluffy and taste great .

You can also try using a combination of whole wheat and all purpose flour .

That's what we are doing here .

These still taste amazing but are a touch fluffier .

Add some sugar baking powder .

That's what makes them extra fluffy salt and ground .

Cinnamon .

Cinnamon works wonders with the nuttiness of the whole wheat whisk that all together then move on to the wet ingredients .

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We use milk , egg and vanilla extract , whisk the wet ingredients into the dry , add some melted butter and whisk until smooth with a few small lumps don't over mix that tends to make the pancakes heavy and flat .

Now it's time to cook butter your skillet .

We like it at medium heat and add the batter when the edges look dry and bubbles start to appear and pop flip , then cook until lightly browned grab a banana or your favorite pancake topping and pile it on top and don't forget the syrup .

That's it .

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Delicious , fluffy , whole wheat pancakes .

Enjoy .

Thanks for watching .

Look for full recipes on inspired taste dot net and be sure to check out more of our videos on our youtube channel .

Happy Cooking .


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