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2023-08-19 21:16:45

This Budget Meal will make you Gain Weight in just 5 days - NO COOKING

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If you , if you hear me out , I , I think that the advice that a lot of times people hear is I pick five exercises overhead , shoulder press , squats , dead lifts , rows , bench press and just continue to focus on adding weight to the bar , right ?

Progressive overload , make this guy strong , let the strength precede his size gains and you're all set and , and , and while I cherish those lifts and I think there are some of the best lifts you could when we program them all the time .

I don't necessarily agree with that philosophy and I don't agree with the timing of it .

That is the biggest issue .

So , what we did instead is with Jesse , we didn't focus on prioritizing his strength on all those major lists right away because I found that there was a lot of other things going on with Jesse .

He brought in some numbers , whatever his baseline numbers were .

And he brought in a really bad form along with almost every single one of them almost to the point where he didn't necessarily look so bad when he was doing them .

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Second ingredient on the list is 200 g of curd , curd .

A primary source of protein will give us about 1 45 calories .

Third of course , on the list is a medium sized banana , banana , a high calorie fruit is ideal for muscle building and weight gain .

The fourth ingredient of this recipe is five pitted dates .

Dates are known to increase bone weight and strength .

The fifth and the final ingredient of this recipe is one handful of unsalted roasted peanuts , peanuts .

A source of healthy fats will give us about 170 calories , take a bowl and put 40 g of rolled oats in it .

Add 200 ml of curd , mix it well , so that the oats are properly soaked in the curd .

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Once this is done , top one half of it with a layer of freshly cut banana pieces and the other half with pitted tapes .

Finally Sprinkle a handful of unsalted roasted peanuts onto it .

That's all this tasty mascular meal is now ready .

So it cannot get better than this one small meal and you are getting 703 calories perfect for muscle building and mass gain .

What enhances its practicality is that it hardly takes one minute to make it .

And on top of it , it is purely vegetarian as you saw .

It's a very simple recipe .

Probably the simplest that I have ever presented to you .

And believe me , it is very tasty , especially if you have a sweet tooth .

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Maybe he has to lean forward just a little bit , Maybe the low back has to start acting a little bit more to stabilize that forward .

Lean , maybe the hips themselves kind of trying to rotate because his foot caves in a little bit because his knee caves in , under the weight , the quads weren't necessarily able to handle that .

All these things start to mushroom out of control and the compensation is he's able to get the weight back up and to anybody looking at him , Jesse just squatted 140 .

So in his own mind , he did the same thing .

Then he squats 150 then he swatched 100 all of this based on compensations that his body is getting good at hiding .

That is the recipe for long term disaster .

And if you are anything like me , I did the same thing and my knees now today pay for my mistakes from before .

Had I set the stage with lighter weights and left my ego at the door and decided to follow and strength program based on my ability to control the movements that I have first , that would have been better off .

So , what does that leave us ?

Well , we want to get some strength and Jesse is actually now in that portion of our program .

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I started , you know , short changing the reps , you know , I was shorting the range of motion trying to just make sure I get the number , the number , the number , the number was always the thing it was , to me , it was the most important thing was I always hit that number .

It didn't matter what kind of effort or what kind of range of motion or form that I was doing .

As long as I hit that number , I thought I was good .

And when I found you doing your third set of an exercise and you were getting ready to go to the next one and it looked easy to me .

I asked you , what did you even do ?

And you , why were you , why were you ?

Uh , well , I wanted to make sure I wasn't failing on that rep because I wanted to make sure I was able to get 12 reps on the next set .

Right .

Exactly .

So saving up for the next set guys , stop saving , stop saving what you want to do is invest your total effort into the one set that you're doing right now .

And if you start out with a mindset of 10 to 12 , because we program 10 to 12 reps , that's the thing it exists .

Obviously , it's popular , but the mindset is not that you need to necessarily hit the number , but that your effort needs to sort of match that so that your effort is there to put you in that range , but should you fail a little bit earlier than that ?

No problem .

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What was more important was that you gave the effort and the intensity to that set because that's just going to spark the changes and provide the stimulus for growth .

The next thing is accessory lifts .

Now , a lot of people are afraid to do accessory lifts .

I just made a video on this guys .

I'll put it over here so you could see it .

It was about our sissy lifts that provide big muscle gains .

I love the sissy lifts .

Sissy lifts are something you better get used to guys .

And the reason being is you need to start prioritizing , especially in this reboot here because you don't have to start with this .

Jesse was starting all this .

If you're watching this , you've got years of training experience right now and you don't know what you're necessarily going to do to make this valuable for you .

You need to start doing exactly what I'm talking about now .

You might need to do a little bit of a reset .

So you might need to start kind of pushing the ego aside and lightening those waves go into a stage here where you start to really break down foundation , the exercises look for compensations .

We have a whole program .

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We came up with breakout where actually drop it down into the different movement patterns that you've developed by looking and using compensations .

We can break them apart and start helping you to kind of address those one by one .

But it does require that you sort of lift a lot lighter and put that ego to the side .

But as you do and you build yourself back up , now you've got that true strength , not the compensatory stuff , but the true strength building every set .

And now with that , now you're getting bigger and stronger and now you can start adding that weight back to the bar again .

So it's kind of a necessary step in the right direction .

But with these accessory lifts , you don't have to look any further than one of the guys that's actually coming to our live event , Casey Mitchell , a war veteran .

This is a guy who has amassed huge strength numbers , albeit on one leg .

By the way , the guy is a true inspiration .

Guess what he's going to talk about when he comes to our event , the importance of accessory lifting when it comes to building his strength in bench press , squats and dead lifts .

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If you still have any doubts , please feel free to ask them in the comments section below .

I will surely reply back to you .

I hope you found this video helpful .

But if you did , please do give it a thumbs up and also please do remember to subscribe to my channel .

My name is Vibe .

I thank you so much for watching .


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