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2023-08-19 21:22:38

How to Bulk Up for Skinny Guys (Over 30 Days)

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How to bulk up for skinny guys over 30 days .

Are you on a mission to bulk up in as fast as you can say , 30 days as with any workout .

The key to having the best results is a proper diet , tons of water , enough rest and most importantly , the right set of exercises as for how and why we will be going over that next .

So keep watching , building muscle fast is possible only if you do the right things after all .

Once you've built solid muscles , you'd want to maintain them considering how much effort you've put in .

Let's take a look at how you can gain pounds of muscles in a month .

Protein , getting the right amount of protein is of paramount importance in building muscles to determine the amount of protein you need to build up pounds of muscles in a month .

You must make some calculations first to do that .

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Take your current weight and minus the percentage of body weight multiply it by 1.14 to get the number of grams needed to build muscles , quickly workouts .

If you're a newbie , you must establish a basic workout regimen first later on you can increase the duration , frequency and intensity to build up muscles in a month .

Do three sets each with 15 reps for the following exercises .

Legs , lunges , squats , leg press , leg extensions and leg curls back , pull ups , lateral pull downs , rowing dead lifts , arms , barbell curls , dumbbell curls and easy bar curls , shoulders , dumbbell raises military press and laterals , abdomen , incline , crunches and hanging , like raises chest dips , bench press and flies supplements .

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In addition to eating more protein , fresh fruits and veggies and a low carbohydrate diet .

You should also consider taking a high quality supplement .

Make sure to only use quality supplements to be certain that they do their job .

Washboard apps , men and women alike aim to build muscles for their apps .

Thus , if you want to rock some serious abs in 30 days , you must be ready for tons of persistence , dedication and hard work to get the abs .

You want focus only on those muscles on a scheduled basis .

Typically 2 to 3 times a week by far , crunches are the most effective in giving you the ripped look while also boosting your metabolism .

Hence , leading to burning stored fats types of weights .

You should also consider adding circuit training and free weights in your workout .

Normally you'd want to use both but not on the same day .

It's important to switch things up in this case .

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That's because if you work your arms and abs in one day , dedicate another day for legs and chest .

Then another for shoulders , you're giving your body's muscle time to recover calories intake .

To achieve a perfect balance of calorie intake for bulking up .

You must first determine the right amount of calories you need .

The easiest way is to weigh yourself .

Then follow the following calculations based on what your goal is .

Weight gain .

18 to 19 calories for every pound of weight maintenance , 15 to 16 calories for every pound of weight water intake , water intake is just as important .

It's recommended to drink a minimum of eight glasses daily .

This will ensure your body is properly hydrated for a hard workout .

A bit of cardio along with your muscle building regimen , you need to dedicate 9% of your workout to cardio .

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Examples of cardio exercises are running , swimming , biking and aerobics .

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