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And but a hey guys , welcome back to another video .

It's Marriam .

And today we're gonna be talking about Maca Root .

Basically .

Um I went on this Maca Root journey and I just wanted to bring you guys along with me .

I've been taking Maca Root now for approximately one month and I just wanted to give you guys my results and give you guys the side effects , things that I went through um how my body responded to it and how fast did I gain weight ?

Did I not ?

So yeah , just stay tuned .

Let's get into this video .

OK .

So jumping straight into it , I got this brand um Nature Life Labs , Maca Root .

Um 1900 mg .

I hope you guys can read this , but I'll link it down below .

So you guys will know which one .

I use it .

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A all natural energize um promotes sexual and reproductive health and supports hormonal balance and it's a natural dietary supplement .

So that's why I decided to take this instead of a Pentamine .

I heard so many like good things about a Pentamine for the results .

Not a lot of good things about what it does for your body long term , the tiredness , the , you know , excessive weight , um , weight gain .

So , you know , it was just a lot of bad things also that came with a pet that I didn't really wanna put myself through .

So I decided to find a more natural route .

And maca root sounded like the best option for somebody like me .

I would recommend the pill over the powder on the pills to me were just easier .

I could wake up , take it and go take the pills apart and you would take the powder and just pour it into your shakes , your tea , whatever you're supposed to take this before you eat .

So these are , this is how big the pill is .

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Um , let me , so is it , this is how big it is .

It's a , it's a big pill .

Ok ?

It's pretty , it's pretty big .

So don't choke .

Definitely .

I used to take it and break it and put it into my shakes , but I find myself not finishing my shake .

So that kind of defeats the purpose .

So if you are like me , who doesn't have time for all that and just wants to , you know , pop it and go sometimes you don't even want to drink a protein shake .

You can just take one of these and you'll be good to go like you don't need to drink a whole protein shake because this is kind of like , you know , that supplement for that .

See some people like the powder more .

I like the pill .

And also because it has red black and this is red , black and yellow maca roo .

And there were so many different types .

I was like , oh my God , which one is the best ?

I don't know which powder is the best and the fact that this has all three of them that makes it even better because I'm so indecisive and I was just reading so many things about different things .

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So I bought these pills from Amazon for about , I wanna say $10 I'm not sure , I'm not absolutely positive .

Um , and basically I take it consistently every morning , I would wake up and take it and I will also take it again at night before I worked out .

So twice a day .

So I took these pills twice a day and , um , I would say like the first couple of weeks , I really wasn't seeing that much of a difference .

Um , I felt the same , my body looked the same .

Um , I did weigh myself and before I started , I was 1 16 and I'm gonna get into how much I weighed at the end .

So the first two weeks , I pretty much didn't really see that much of a difference .

So then , um , like later on during the month , you know , I got serious about it .

I'm like , you know what I need to fix these pills .

Let's see if they're gonna work your girls trying to get slim thick .

You feel me ?

Like I wanted to see if it was gonna work .

So I was consistent .

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I was using it and your girl gained £6 .

I now weigh 1 22 and I'm gonna insert , you know , my little boom , my little growth that I had and I was like , oh my gosh , I was just looking at myself and I was just like , OK , I can see like , you know , it's a little plump back there and I've never really had that .

I've always been like the smallest person in my family , the smallest person just period in the room .

I'm 511 16 .

I've never , I've always just been a really petite person .

So , you know , this is a journey for me because I just wanted to , you know , get that grown woman body , you know , them curves .

I could fill out nice .

Now as for the plumpness of my boobs , I've heard other girls say like their boobs have became more plump .

I would say so too .

But then my boobs also look that way around my menstrual .

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So it could be either or like it's not really gonna make your boobs grow like how some people may say , I honestly think they just make it a little bit more fuller and just more plump but not actually like another size or anything , nothing like that , nothing of that sort .

Um So as it goes for like hormones and things like that your libido internally .

What is going on ?

I mean , I can feel a certain way but we're all human .

So those feelings always come .

But I would say it wasn't , it didn't really affect my hormones too much .

I wasn't big on the hormone side and the fact that it also helps with just energy and things like that , you know , I'm like , ok , it couldn't hurt like it couldn't hurt to take this .

So this was definitely something that I would recommend for somebody that , you know , that that doesn't wanna do nothing crazy but wants to gain a little bit of weight that wants to put on healthy weight , healthy , natural weight .

And it also helps with infertility .

I'm not really sure about the reproductive side , you know , I'm not trying to have kids right now .

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So everything else I would say that it helped me gain weight .

I gained £6 in one month and that is the most weight that I've gained in the last four years .

I'm somebody with a very fast metabolism .

Um I'm constantly constantly going up and down with weight , but I've never exceeded past 1 17 and I've weighed that much since high school .

So for me , this is a milestone .

I've never been like 1 20 for real .

So it's like , oh my God , you know , Miriam , I don't know .

Am I gonna stay on this ?

I probably most likely will um I probably will take it down to maybe once a day or just as a natural , like just a vitamin , honestly , like take it like a vitamin because it's natural .

It's something that's actually really good for you .

Um So I'll probably , I'll probably be taking it on and off a slow , gradual process .

You're not just gonna boom , curves everywhere .

It's never find anything that could just make you just boom , boom , here , here , here and there , there , it's always gonna take time .

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And if you're blessed to already be like that , that's great .

But but if you're not , it's an ok thing too , you know , just enjoy your body , embrace your body and let it grow naturally .

You know what I'm saying ?

And you know , let the let the take time to work .

You don't wanna wait that long .

This may not or this may not be for you because it is a slow process .

And I understand the frustration of people that want things that work immediately fast and just , you know , you wake up and boom , but that's just not life .

You know , it takes time .

Who knows where , where I'll be in like six months .

Who knows ?

So you know , if you want to start the journey , just start it and see where it takes you .

It doesn't hurt .

So this is just a quick short video about my experience using Maca root .

Feel free to leave comments down below on you know , your experience or if you have questions , feel free to leave that below as well .

Um I have no problem um answering any questions you guys have so just leave them down below .

Thank you guys so much for watching .

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Um Feel free to like , comment , subscribe and also comment below more video ideas that you guys would like me to do and incorporate on my channel .

I'm very open to a lot of suggestions .

Um Yeah , you guys interact with me like I wanna know what you guys want to see .

So yeah , thank you guys so much for watching .

Bye .


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