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2023-08-22 22:14:03

how to block ads in androidđŸ”¥_works 100%

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Hello , everyone .

They just poli you are back again with a new video .

And from the last few days , I was facing some serious issue on my Android device .

The issue was displaying of pop up ads .

I searched a lot about this issue but couldn't find any working solution for it .

But fortunately , I was able to get rid of it , watch the video till the end .

And anyways , now let's get started .

But first , let me roll in my intro .

So guys , this step is not going to work for everyone because there could be many possible reasons for displaying of ads .

But in my case , there was a hidden app which was causing all this mess and I was extremely annoyed and frustrated .

The only way I could find to get rid of this problem was to make a factory data reset .

But fortunately I was able to solve this issue .

So let me show you the hidden apps .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So here is the hidden app and there were no options to uninstall or for stop the app .

I don't know why , but I'll show you how to uninstall it .

Ok ?

So first you got to find your device administrator and settings may vary in different devices .

But in Samsung device go to settings and then find lock screen and security and then search for other settings .

And then you will see your device administrator after that open device administrator and then deactivate any unauthorized app .

So I'll just deactivate this blank app .

And after deactivating it , go to application manager and then you can now completely uninstall this mess .

So guys , as I said earlier in the video that this tape might not work for everyone , so please don't dislike the video if it didn't work for you , but you can comment down below and I'll try my best to help you .

So guys , that's it for the video .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I hope you solved your problem .

Stay tuned .

Stay happy .

Good .

Goodbye .

And now it's time for rolling the outro go about is .


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