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2023-08-22 21:54:39

Oats & Banana Pancakes _ Shilpa Shetty Kundra _ Nutralite _ Healthy Recipes _ The Art Of Loving Food

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Welcome to the shop channel and this is the art of loving food .

Everyone agrees that bananas and oats are good for health and they're a superb source of protein , essential fatty acids , fiber , vitamins and minerals .

But then is it even possible to give your child bananas every day ?

Oats and banana pancake .

And yes , we shall be using neutral that has 0% cholesterol and is rich in omega three and also oats .

Um We dry roasted them and uh then we blended it in a blender .

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So powder for me the so it's around a cup , whole wheat flour , half a cup , one teaspoon of jaggery sugar , half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder .

A pinch of baking soda , pinch of salt around four tablespoons of yogurt , low fat yogurt , four tablespoons .

Ok .

Teaspoon of vanilla ascents egg .

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And but if you're a vegetarian , you can actually omit eggs from this dish .

There's no problem a banana ripe , preferably per head .

So depending on the consistency , use around a cup to a cup and a half of low fat milk .

Yeah .

So I like the consistency to be like this .

It's not too runny .

A you are the raisins .

You get the pan hot .

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Today we're gonna be using the new improved neutral light to make our pancakes .

Use a dollop of neutral light .

Do you see it ?

Turning golden brown ?

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So today I've served it with honey and pistachios , but you can serve it with fresh cream or strawberries .

You can put some fresh fruits , you can add chocolate sauce , caramel sauce , all kinds of stuff .

Maple syrup that goes really well with um pancakes .

I really hope that recipe or healthy recipe and your kids have a blast with it .

The is delicious experiment .

It's time for me to sign off .

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