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2023-08-22 21:56:20

BEST Pancakes I've Ever Had - Pai's Lockdown Kitchen!

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Do you want some pancakes ?

Huh .

Everyone .

Welcome to another episode of Pie's Lockdown Kitchen .

Yes , it appears we are still social distancing , so still at home .

So I thought that since many of us are not going to work , not going to school , um , we're staying at home , many of us are not having to get up so early .

Have a little bit more time .

So I thought I would share with you a breakfast recipe now that we have time to make a leisurely breakfast .

So I'm gonna share with you my ultimate pancake recipe .

It's the best pancake recipe I've ever had .

Like , I've never had another pancake that I go to like restaurants , brunch places .

That's better than this .

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I know that's saying a lot , but trust me , it's so good .

In fact that it's one of the few recipes that I have pinned permanently to my refrigerator .

So , and this is a recipe right here .

I've been making it for years and years and years .

It has never failed me .

It's so good that I named it Epic Pancake .

The original recipe calls for all purpose flour , which is really hard to come by these days there's a big shortage .

So I'm gonna do half all purpose flour and half cake flour , which I have done before .

And it makes for a super light and fluffy pancakes because of the cake flour .

So I think I'll just stick with that .

This is all the flour I have left now .

And so fy , I , when I measure flour , what I do is I just , if it's been sitting in the bag , it can be quite compacted .

So I use my measuring cup to fluff it up and then I scoop .

So just use a straight edge and grape .

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If I were to only do all all purpose flour , I would not sift it .

But because I'm doing half cake flour , half all purpose flour .

I am going to sift it because cake flour gets a lot clumpier .

There we go .

One teaspoon of baking powder and I use this sort of paper edge here as my straight edge .

It causes enough and one teaspoon of baking soda , half a teaspoon of salt and then we'll sift all that together .

So this part , if I know I'm gonna have breakfast , a pancake breakfast , I do this part the night before because I wanna make sure in the morning there is the least amount of things possible that I have to do .

See all these clumps .

That's all cake flour .

That's why you sift .

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If you're using all all purpose , just whisk , use a whisk to mix everything together , then you don't need to sift anything .

That's our dry ingredients .

That's it .

Pretty straightforward wet ingredients .

So , in the original recipe , it says two cups of buttermilk .

I do not want to use buttermilk because I have to buy a liter of butter milk and then I end up with half a liter left and I never know what to do with it .

I don't really want to make any more pancakes .

So I just like , forget it .

We're not doing buttermilk .

We're just gonna do whole milk yogurt .

Whole milk yogurt tastes a lot better than fat free yogurt , one cup of milk .

And I drink lactose free milk .

So that's all we're using .

You can use whatever milk you have but not skim milk .

Well , I guess if you're gonna use skim milk , you just wanna up the butter a little bit .

Got vanilla , just one teaspoon .

We're just gonna , oh , that's way more than one teaspoon .

But that's OK .

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The key to this recipe is you wanna separate the yolk and the white so that you can whip the white into a meringue .

Let's see if I can do this without breaking my yolk and that whipped egg white right there is gonna be the key to the wonderful fluffiness of this pancake .

This pancake is super fluffy .

There you go .

So the yolks go in with the milk whisk that together .

And this , by the way , this meaty whisk was my wedding favor .

So butter .

You're gonna need three tablespoons and a tip for butter is measuring butter by the tablespoon is kind of annoying .

So , if you know how much that weighs , so , one tablespoon of butter is about 15 g .

You can just weigh it and it's so much easier to weigh butter than it is to measure volumes of butter .

Oh , that's exactly one tablespoon .

Ok .

There's butter .

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I'm just gonna get that in the microwave and the butter goes in and because my ingredients are cold , I wanna pour the butter in and as I whisk so that um it doesn't because the butter is gonna solidify it back up .

So it doesn't solidify back up into like a big chunk .

Then it's got little bits of butter spread throughout .

That's it .

So that's that .

So you can even do this part .

Um , ahead of time .

Just mix everything together .

Leave the egg wise , you know , it lets in the fridge .

This will sit in the fridge , do it the night before .

Have that mixed together .

And then in the morning it's just combining different things .

Ok ?

I got buttermilk yolks , vanilla , melted butter .

Good .

So for the egg whites , we're gonna make a simple meringue .

So you wanna make sure your bowl isn't greasy .

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Your hands weren't greasy when you were separating the eggs because uh any extra grease will prevent it from reaching its full potential .

Well , fingers crossed for this .

I don't know what's going on , but in the past like few times I've tried to whip up a meringue .

I have failed .

So I don't know if it's the eggs Costco eggs , um , or is it like some , like my mojo my hands ?

I don't , I don't know .

And let's also hope that the baby will not wake up .

Ok .

Once it's foamy , I'm just gonna gradually add in , um , sugar , which is gonna be a total of three tablespoons .

Ok .

So here it is .

So you want like a soft peak .

So you lift your whisk and you know , like you've got like a , a peak that doesn't slobber everywhere , but it's got a little bit of a bend to it right here one more time .

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See ?

Ok , thank goodness I was really nervous .

Does that ever happen to you ?

Like something works and works and works and works and all of a sudden it just stops working and you're like , what did I do ?

Ok .

So now always wet into dry .

So all your wet ingredients go in there .

So with pancakes , you don't want to over mix the batter because it'll get tough gluten will develop too much .

But because we're using half cake flour , you don't have to worry about that too much .

You still don't wanna overmix it , but I'm just saying you've got a lot more wiggle room so you just wanna stir until there's no more dry flour .

So a rubber spat is good , but lumps are OK .

And now the meringue .

So you wanna go in first with just about a third of it just to , and you can just mix this in quickly just to lighten up the batter .

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So that when you put in the rest of the meringue , it doesn't get deflated by the weight of the batter .

So this one is , the sacrifice was sacrificing this little bit of meringue so it can help take one for the team , take one for the team .

There you go .

So now the batter is a lot lighter .

We can go in with the rest of the meringue .

Oh Yes .

Look at this .

It looks like marshmallow fluff .

OK .

So now here we go .

Here's my folding technique .

I turn the bowl , I don't turn the spatula like the spatula basically is doing the same thing over and over again , flipping from the bottom and I just turned the ball .

I find it's a lot more systematic .

You get it done a lot quicker than if you were just kind of haphazardly fold and flip and do all that stuff .

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There we go .

Look at this .

It's already so fluffy .

Oh , there we go .

OK .

I'm gonna do one more flip just to get rid of that final streak and then we are done .

OK .

So I'm gonna go cook the pancakes .

Now the baby is still sleeping , yay uh stuff to put in pancakes .

You can do chocolate chip , you can do blueberries , bananas , whatever you want .

I don't like to put things in the pancake .

I prefer to put them on top of the pancake .

It looks better than you don't have to like deal with the , the fussiness of distributing ingredients and all that stuff , but you can put whatever you want in here .

Ok , let's cook this up .

But a third of a cup of batter per piece .

Look how fluffy that is .

Oh my God .

This is gonna be the best pancake .

Just a quick note because the batter is so fluffy .

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You know how like conventional pancake knowledge says , will you wait till the pancake has a lot of bubbles on top before you flip it , those bubbles .

It's not gonna quite show up the same way in these because it's such a fluffy batter .

Um So what I say go by is just take a peek underside at the color and I mean , you see that it just started to look like it said a bit , but take a peek on the underside and see what it looks like and go with that instead .

Ok .

I think that looks good .

Now , the trick is how do I flip these without getting them on top of the other two pieces ?

Damn it .

There we go .

It's a little light .

Ok .

So the first piece it's always uneven .

That is because the pooling butter makes that uneven .

That's why the first round never looks as good .

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And once you have sort of like absorbed all the pulling butter and even out the grease on the pan , then you'll get a nicer , more even surface .

Ok , let's go .

Oh , ok .

You gotta get the skirt out of the way .

But two pancakes per batch is just way too inefficient .

Yes .

Look at these .

Look how perfect they look .

Mm .

Smells good .

I don't think that was too much vanilla after all .

Right .

Let me show you how I like to eat my pancakes .

First and foremost is um , I don't drizzle syrup onto my pancake because I don't like how it soaks into the pancake unevenly .

So you get like a spot with a lot of syrup and then I swap and a lot of so I dip .

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So I have a little uh bowl of pure Canadian , of course maple syrup that I will use to dip .

And then instead of whipped cream , I like yogurt .

I really like that tang .

Um It makes it more refreshing .

So this is my new favorite kitchen tool .

This is a butter croc .

One of my pet peeves is trying to spread cold butter onto toast and things .

So my favorite way is to keep room temperature butter in this croc and the way it works is there's water in this bowl and then um , it just kind of keeps your butter fresh in there because the water prevents the butter from going bad for several weeks , like 33 weeks , at least .

So there you go , you get nice soft butter .

I just hate it so much when restaurants give you cold butter for your bread .

Ok .

So first I wanna like tear it for you just so you can see how fluffy this is .

Excuse my hands .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

But it's the only way to show maximum fluffiness is by tearing it with your hands .

Oh , look at this .

Look at that .

Yes , that is all worth it from whipping all those egg whites .

Just look .

So I'll do like a little dip and then a little slab of yogurt on top .

Just a little .

Mm man .

Like I've made this recipe so countless of times and I surprise myself every time .

How good is it ?

It is .

Especially when I started using cake flour , half cake flour and it's like whoa , this is like next level fluffiness .

Mm .

The egg whites and the cake flour makes it so much lighter .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It's almost like eating cake but not because it is a little more sturdy than cake .

But it's got that like light and air of a cake and it doesn't weigh you down .

And now I wanna know if my baby will like this pancake .

Hm .

Do you want some pancakes ?

Huh ?

What ?

So yummy ?

Hm .

Me , my mom .

Oh .

Mm .

Mm .

Um mm .

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Aye , aye , aye .

Come here .


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