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2023-08-19 20:49:12

How to Screen Mirror iPhone or iPad to Hisense TV (both Android & Roku TV) _ App Tutorial 2023

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Hi , I'm Daniel and I'm gonna show you how we can mirror Instagram from your iphone to your high sense TV .

We're going to do this using an app called Mirror Meister .

What's nice about this is we're not gonna need any cables or gadgets or gizmos , everything works wirelessly and it works on any high sense TV , Android or Roku made in 2014 or newer .

This is an easy process and I'm going to take you through it step by step .

The first thing we're going to do is connect our phones and our television to the same wireless network .

This way they can communicate .

Then we're going to open up the Mirror Meister app and onboard you .

Then finally we're going to mirror Instagram from your iphone to the television .

All right , let's check it out .

I'm gonna grab my iphone and I'm going to check what wireless network I'm connected to .

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So I'm gonna go to my settings , I'm gonna go to wifi and then I'm gonna go to Meister Apps max stream .

That is the wireless network I want to be connected to because it's the one for the app in this office building .

All right .

Let's check it out on the TV .

So I'm gonna turn on the TV , hit settings , go to network and then so I can peek at what is the wifi network we're connected to go to network information and there I can see both to Myer apps , Mac stream .

Perfect .

So let's open up the Mirror Meister app .

Now , this is really easy to download from the App Store .

Just search for Mirror Meister , look for the download links in this video or scan the QR code .

We made it really straightforward for you to get from opening up Mirror Meister .

I must say allow notifications , allow and it says Mirror Meister would like to find and connect to devices on your local network .

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Now we need to do that otherwise it's not gonna work .

So I'm gonna hit , OK , turn on TV and connect it to wi-fi .

So turn on the television and now we're gonna hit search for TV .

S and right here it popped up high sense smart TV .

So let me tap that and I'm gonna hit start mirror and now I'm gonna hit start broadcast .

And now what's on my phone is gonna mirror to the television .

So everything my phone sees the TV sees .

Now what I want to do is check out Instagram .

I want to see the latest snaps for my latest and favorite accounts .

And that is of course the lovely Mikaela Kramer and Michaelia is a photographer and filmmaker .

So she deserves to have her work seen on a big screen TV .

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So we get these nice and beautiful photos of Amsterdam and as I'm scrolling it on my phone , it's appearing on the television as well and it's not just pictures , we can also check out video but , but the sound is coming through my phone and I don't want that .

I want the sound to just come out of the TV .

So I'm gonna lower it on my phone and I'm going to raise it through the remote on the TV .

And now we get the experience of the sound coming through the television instead of the iphone .

It's that simple to mirror your iphone to your high sense TV .

So , all right guys enjoy the full screen experience and take care .


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