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2023-08-19 20:40:43

How to Make CREAMY MUSHROOM PASTA Like an Italian

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Mushroom pasta guys .

So today I create a classic and turned it into something incredible , but I kept it authentic mushroom pasta with rata cheese .

Super creamy , super yummy .

Let's make it together .

Hi and welcome to Vince plate .

Today is creamy mushroom pasta without cream and with extra cheese guys , this pasta is gonna change your life for you like it did to mine .

I've got 300 g of into my belly .

Do you want that too ?

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Let's make this pasta with me to make this beautiful mushroom pasta .

We need linguine , nice bunch of parsley , top quality mushrooms and it's a combination of porcini and the mushrooms that you like .

Two cloves of garlic .

You can put more or don't use garlic at all .

Pecorino that we're gonna create on fresh right on the spot cheese .

The would go right on top at the end , then we need extra virgin olive oil , salt and pepper .

And if you want just a little bit of butter as you know , guys , I like to cook on a medium heat .

OK ?

I'm gonna turn this on a medium heat just because I don't want my food to stress .

I want my food to be relaxed .

So I'm going to add about three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil , going to crush my garlic .

Beautiful .

I don't wanna burn the garlic .

OK .

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So to avoid that , I'm going to add two tablespoon of water and this will avoid our garlic to burn stir .

After a minute , you will see your garlic will become nice .

Golden brown .

We can add the mushrooms , ok .

These mushrooms I have to tell you they come from Italy , they're frozen and they are sensational , go and get your beautiful mushrooms .

The one that you like the most chop them up and cook them .

I don't want the garlic to burn , but it's not burning at this point .

I'm adding the mushrooms beautiful right in there .

So what I'm doing now with my mushrooms , I'm going to cook them to saute the mushrooms for about 15 minutes so that we get the beautiful flavors in there .

OK ?

So no lid on .

We keep cooking it .

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So guys , I always say keep it authentic and real .

You know , III I believe in that .

But at the same time , we need to be creative and always put your twist in your recipes .

Italian cuisine is very creative and we always put a twist in our dishes , but don't forget the basic rules of each recipe .

In the meantime , I'm going to chop up my parsley .

So cut the stock , look , believe it or not .

The stalks is where it's full of flavors .

You know , you really want to keep the stocks because the flavors are , there don't use too many stocks , but you really want to keep this .

I like to keep my stocks and I add them in the sauce .

Now , the good thing about the parsley is that you can chop up as much as you want because you can use it the day after , you can use it within a few days .

You know , from the time that you chop it as long as you keep it in the fridge .

Ok ?

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I'm not chopping up my parity way too much because I like to see the positive in my food .

Ok ?

And I'm going to cook it so it will kind of shrink .

So now let's start by adding the stalks in there with the mushrooms and we add a nice amount of parsley .

Be very generous with your parsley stir a well .

Now we want to use some pepper .

I like to use rock salt or you can use any salt that you want .

Just a Sprinkle of salt .

In the meantime , we are going to cook the linguine pasta , which takes nine minutes to cook time to boil the pasta .

Now , the pasta water needs to be hot , it needs to boil .

Ok ?

We have lots of water in a large pot and I'm putting one large tablespoon of rock salt .

The rock salt give the flavor to a beautiful pasta .

It's just for me and Suzanne .

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So I'm using 300 g of pasta off the packet , put it in there and let it cook .

So what you can do now you can use a colander and do this in a sink in a kitchen sink or just collect your pasta with a tongue .

It's very important for us to keep a mug of pasta water because we do need this to combine our ingredients with the pasta , pasta is ready .

The mushrooms are ready .

Look how beautiful they are .

We just need to combine everything together .

So the first thing I do is I'm going to add the butter just in there .

Now , I want the butter , beautiful butter to melt in there .

Slowly , slowly cook on a medium milk .

I'm going to add my pasta in here and don't be scared about the pasta water .

You need the pasta water .

OK ?

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So I'm adding this the pasta , freshly grate the pecorino .

OK ?

I wanna put the pecorino on now .

I'm not making a catch of paper , but I want this cheese to make my pasta a little bit creamy .

OK ?

So I'm just freshly grating the pecorino so much nicer when you freshly grate your pecorino , a little bit of puzzling .

And now we're quickly going to toss it subject and now it's when I'm going to use the pasta water , I'm gonna add half mug of pasta water .

So we cook this for an extra minute .

So we combine all our ingredients together .

Oh You can see the pasta is absorbing all the water .

You can see there's not much water in there .

See that's , that's kind of you want that water to become creamy .

Now , you know see that that water you see in there , see that you want that to become creamy .

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So let's keep stirring .

So all the ingredients make love together right now is the most important time of the video .

Let's play this beautiful pasta .

So get a song .

Let's place this beautiful pasta in the middle of the plate .

But what we want to do is very , very nice .

We wanna create a nest because we are going to place the right on top .

The is gonna make your pasta super super , super creamy .

So what I'm going to do , I'm going to add the mushrooms on the sides like that .

All the best part is here .

Hook place .

It's a beautiful right on top here , right in the middle .

This beautiful bora right there .

Let's create some extra peco on top .

But this pasta is gonna be so creamy , so creamy because of the .

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Now guys , this is the reason why you create a nest on this plate and then you put the So look what's gonna happen .

Now we cut the and we have a cream going everywhere .

The beautiful here .

Look at that , look at the beautiful cream , the cream melting every everywhere .

So here we go past because the pasta is nice and hot .

What's gonna happen here is we're going to combine it , it is going to melt in the pasta .

So when you eat it , your beautiful will melt .

I have to be honest , I did use a massive , but what can I do ?

I'm hungry and I do eat a lot .

So I'm going to enjoy it .

Yummy , yummy , yummy .

Now , all I have to do is to try it .

Right .

Guys .

Important part is to try .

Look how creamy it is .

Can you believe there's no cream in there ?

Can you believe it ?

Why do you need cream ?

You don't need cream .

You don't need too much butter .

Just a little bit .

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Just enough .

Let's try .

Hm .

Hm .

Like I said , smooth creamy , like I said , full of flavors .

Thanks to the mushrooms .

Mm mm .

This is the mushroom pasta you were looking for , do whatever you want .

Follow my recipe .

Add sausages , you can add more mushroom .

You cannot use mushrooms , use zucchini , but you can do this and look at the all melted .

There's a little piece in here which I'm going to eat .

Now .

There's a piece in here which I'm going to eat .

Mm mm mm .

Warm , warm .

What can I say guys ?

I need to eat .

So , thank you so much for watching this episode .

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Yum .

Mm mm hm .

Oh my God .

Oh my God .

Oh my God .

Mm .

Hm .


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