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This Would Happen To Your Body If You Only Ate Fruits And Vegetables

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Hey there viewers , Chef Gordon Ramsey took the internet by surprise when he announced going vegan , a vegan diet is a plant only diet plan .

It seems like more and more often our friends and family are taking up this diet .

Some will even take it a step further and only eat fruits and veggies .

But have you ever wondered how beneficial a vegan diet is ?

How does your body react to this change ?

Will you have a nutrient deficiency ?

How does it affect your brain ?

We're talking about all this and more each fruit and vegetable has its own potential benefit and can provide you with important nutrients .

The amount of fiber in fruits and vegetables can reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease and obesity .

These two types of food are also rich sources of micronutrients including vitamin CN A as well as minerals , phytochemicals and more .

It's recommended that to prevent chronic disease , your diet should include plenty of fruits and veggies .

Eating more of these two types of food can lower your risk of cardiovascular disease .

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Studies suggest eating plenty of fruits and veggies can also slightly reduce your chances of major chronic disease while all fruits and veggies are beneficial for you .

There are some especially good at improving your health .

That's why you need to make sure your diet includes green leafy vegetables like kale spinach and lettuce .

Cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower , broccoli and cabbage and citrus fruits like lemons , oranges and limes .

These two foods can help maintain blood pressure as well .

In one clinical trial , they assess the effects of diet on blood pressure .

They examine the effects of a diet high in veggies , fruits and low fat dairy .

They also reduce the level of saturated and total fat .

They were eating following this diet led to reduced blood pressure in people with hypertension .

A fruit and veggie diet can also help fight diabetes .

A study conducted by the American Diabetes Association focused on 70,000 healthy female nurses between the ages of 38 and 63 .

It showed that eating fresh fruits and veggies reduced the risk of developing diabetes in the future , drinking things like fruit juice .

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On the other hand , increased it , fruits and vegetables are also good for the eyes .

A study on the effects of fruits , vegetables , vitamins and cartas was done to see how it affected age related maculopathy or A RM .

This is a disease that affects the back of the retina .

People who are affected , lose their ability to read , see detail and recognize color .

The study found that eating fruits was linked to a lower risk of neovascular A RM .

Now , if your goal is to simply lose weight .

Two of the best things for your body are fruits and veggies .

Any effective weight loss diet will have them .

They're low in calories and rich in nutrients which make them some of the best fitness foods .

Just keep in mind that some fruits and vegetables are considered to be better for you than others .

A 2015 study found that foods rich in fiber and low on the glycaemic index are better for shedding pounds while things like apples , pears , berries , soy and cauliflower are popular with people who want to slim down starchy vegetables like corn , peas and potatoes can instead make you gain weight .

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This is when you eat too much of it , adding more healthy foods to your diet won't help you reach your goal unless you remove things like sugary beverages , refined carbs and unhealthy fats while switching to a fruit and vegetable only diet can have miraculous effects on your body .

You still may run into deficiencies .

I mean , the human body is made to eat both plants and meat .

After all humans have been eating meat since the beginning of time .

A diet consisting of just fruits and vegetables is probably going to be low in calories .

Diets that are too low on calories can slow your metabolism and if followed long term increase your risk of heart problems , osteoporosis and other health conditions .

By the way , when I say low calorie , I mean , under 1200 a day for women and under 1800 a day for men .

If you're interested in trying this type of diet to lose weight , just know that a slower metabolism makes weight loss a lot harder .

Not getting enough calories can also cause headaches , dizziness , fatigue , emotional issues and fainting , you'll also experience fluctuating blood glucose .

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This is because you aren't taking any protein or fat to help stabilize it .

While fruit is rich in dietary fiber , it's also rich in simple sugars .

This combination isn't ideal for keeping your blood sugar stable .

If you only eat fruits and veggies , you're probably going to increase your dietary fiber .

If you switch from a regular diet to only fruits and vegetables , the sudden increase in fiber will be difficult for your body to handle and may leave you with gas or bloating .

It's better to gradually increase your fiber intake as time goes on .

Be sure to drink plenty of water on this type of diet .

It will minimize the gas and constipation caused by higher amounts of fiber .

Too much can interfere with the absorption of nutrients and interact with certain medications .

If you're thinking of upping your fiber intake , talk to a doctor first .

Our digestive system is very different from herbivorous animals .

Ours isn't large enough to hold all the microorganisms that naturally produce vitamin B 12 .

A lack of B 12 can cause issues like loss of feelings in the hands and feet as well as dizziness and difficulty walking .

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Taking high doses of vitamin B 12 can solve this issue .

But for older people , the nerve damage could be irreversible .

The most popular sources of vitamin B 12 are red meat , eggs and dairy products .

For vegans , there are companies producing vegetable milk taken only from plants .

The problem is that these alternatives also lack the nutrients to cover that up .

You can go for fortified vegetable milk with added vitamins and minerals .

This makes it similar to animal milk .

Apart from this , you may also run into iron deficiency .

Most of the time , leafy , green vegetables are rich in iron , but they also contain chemicals called phys .

These block absorption of the mineral and may result in anemia .

Anemia is a condition where your blood lacks red blood cells or hemoglobin , red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen and other nutrients to various parts of your body .

Not having enough may result in conditions similar to hypoxia , a lack of oxygen .

You may feel dizzy and weak .

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And in extreme cases , you can even faint , your organs may stop performing and you can even experience brain damage due to a lack of oxygen .

People traditionally have avoided these issues by eating more meat .

One of the noted benefits of a vegetable and fruit diet is lower cholesterol studies show that when people go plant based , their blood cholesterol levels drop by up to 35% .

In many cases , the drop off is equal to that scene with drug treatment , which is big for people looking to lower their cholesterol and not have to take any meds .

The fiber from plants is what contributes to this cholesterol drop .

On top of that .

You're not having as much sugar or fat following a fruit and vegetable diet for a shorter period .

Probably isn't going to cause serious deficiency symptoms .

If you do it for a longer period , it's going to drain out nutrients with no replacement .

Fruits and vegetables don't contain a lot of protein .

Omega three and omega six fats , vitamin DB , vitamins and minerals , you need to get enough of the essential fats to maintain proper brain eye and skin health .

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You also need to keep your hormones at the proper level , not getting enough protein .

Even for a short time can have serious consequences .

A protein deficiency can cause muscle loss , make it harder for wounds to heal and make you more likely to get sick .

It may also trigger mental confusion and digestive issues as well as skin and hair problems .

Other nutrient deficiencies from an all vegetable diet can affect your skin , hair , bones , hormone levels and blood .

If you're making the switch from eating meat , cheese and processed foods , you're going to see less inflammation .

Inflammation is a side effect that comes with your body's attempt to heal itself .

It could also be triggered by an irritant .

Inflammation causes redness in the skin pain , swelling and more in extreme cases , you can lose function .

A study found that all of these foods are associated with elevated levels of inflammation .

Worse , chronic inflammation has been linked to the development of atherosclerosis , heart attacks , strokes , diabetes and autoimmune disease .

But unlike meat plant based diets are naturally anti inflammatory .

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This is because they're high in fiber and antioxidants and much lower in inflammatory triggers like saturated fats and bacterial toxins .

Studies have shown that people who adopt plant based diets can dramatically lower their level of c reactive protein or CRP .

This is an indicator of inflammation in the body .

Despite all this , why does it seem like everyone wants to go vegan these days ?

There could be several reasons why a person chooses a vegan lifestyle .

The most common probably has to do with weight loss .

Fruits are packed with natural sugar in the form of fructose along with many vitamins and antioxidants like vitamin C and beta carotene .

Some research even shows that fruits can reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases .

So generally speaking , eating fruit is healthy for you and it's often recommended to increase your intake of whole fruit .

When you're looking to revamp your diet and eat healthier .

Plus fruit makes a great addition to meals .

It acts as a natural sweetener and is a good snack to grab if you're trying to avoid chips or cookies .

That being said , if you're looking to eat more fruit , make sure that you're still limiting your intake .

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People generally keep their fruit intake to no more than 25 to 30% of their diet .

This way , you won't have a nutritional imbalance .

Your diet is so important to your health .

If you're trying to get in shape , healthy food intake , makes all the difference .

Otherwise all your workouts will be a waste of time .

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Are you eating lots of fruits and veggies ?

Let us know in the comments below .


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