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2023-08-22 21:48:09

How to Draw a Party Hat Easy and Cute

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Hi guys .

When you're here in this video , we're gonna draw my cute party hat .

So let's get started with this party hat .

We're gonna first start by drawing a long angle line .

So I'm gonna start by right here and this is gonna be the top of my party hat and I'm just gonna bring an angle line down .

So depending on how um thin or fat you want your party hat , that will be uh that will determine how your angle goes .

So then I'm gonna follow it on the other side as if I'm just flipping drawing a triangle .

So I'm gonna go on the other side .

So this part hat is kind of wide at the bottom .

So I'm gonna kind of end at the same level on the other side .

So I basically got my triangle shape in here and at the bottom , I'm going to draw a curve .

So I'm going to basically just connect this and I'm gonna round this off a little bit right here and connect it nice soft curve all the way back up .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So there I got your little cone shape here .

And so then from here at the top , I'm going to draw the poofy stuff that comes out of the party hat .

So with this one , I'm gonna add some um waves to it just to make it more festive .

So I'm gonna come up here in the center , so I'm gonna round off my party hat a little bit .

So it's not so sharp first and then from there , I'm gonna just gonna add some waves .

So I'm gonna start to build these streamers that come out .

So it's just these waves that come out and just come back in here and thicken it up and let's see how many we can add here .

So by making it like a wave , it just adds a lot more movement to it , makes it a lot more festive .

So you can fix your streamers like this one's a little too fat and let's add one up here however you like .

And let's see , maybe we can add one more .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let's squeeze one more in there .

OK ?

So that's the top of my party hat .

And from there , I'm going to , let's say , add a curve .

I'm gonna give it some stripes .

I'm gonna start by right here and add some stripes .

So let's say I just want to leave some room here so I can put some eyes .

But I'm gonna add , let's say one more right here .

OK ?

And then from right there , I'm going to draw my draw CQ I , so I'm gonna come right here towards the edge in the bottom and just start off with one circle and I'm gonna go right across and do the same thing .

So once again towards the edge , my hand got away from me .

OK ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So then make them draw the Q eyes and we come in here with two small circles in cipher highlights and the curve line at the bottom and shade in the top .

So Happy , Happy Happy New Year you fans , I was very inspired to draw this for you because it's party time .

So hopefully you guys love this drawing and please check out my 2018 number drawing as well and I've been looking forward to another awesome year .

So thank you once again for all your love and support .

OK ?

So I got my eyes in .

Let's come up here .

I'm just gonna draw a little curve to anchor my eyes and in between right here .

Let's draw nice curve right there for a very happy smile .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hey , Austin , tell our , our friends what we're gonna draw today .

A waffle , a funny waffle .

We hope you're gonna follow along with us .

What do our , our friends need for this lesson ?

And something to , something to , something to ready to start .

First step we're gonna draw is a big circle in the middle of our paper .

We're gonna draw a round waffle .

So we're gonna draw a big circle like that drop big so that we have room for the syrup and also the butter .

Yeah , you did a great job .

I'll draw you a circle .

But uh now let's draw the square piece of butter that's on top of our waffle .

So up here , I'm gonna draw a square , but I'm gonna draw it with rounded corners .

So it's a little tricky and I'm also drawing it diagonal , drawing a big piece of butter because I like butter on my waffles .

Yeah .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

All right .

Now let's draw this syrup and we're gonna draw it dripping down the waffle and we like lots of syrup too , don't we ?

So this part , you can just draw it however you want .

I'm just gonna draw little drips and stuff coming down from the top of the waffle .

Now , we're gonna switch to our pretzels and we're gonna draw guidelines .

We're gonna make squares for the waffle .

This is where all of the goodness , the syrup and the butter melt and then they sit and then it tastes so good .

Are you hungry ?

Now , first , we're gonna draw a , a line that goes right around the outside and we wanna press lightly because this is a guideline .

We're gonna just go around the outside and match , match the same circle line that we first drew .

Now , if , if you need to , you can , that's what's so great about using a pencil .

You can change the line and then you can go back in and erase it if you want .

OK ?

Now we're ready to draw the little lines to make up the squares .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So first let's draw a line and we can start where the syrup is and it's OK .

If we go over the syrup , I'm gonna draw two lines next to each other right down the middle of the waffle .

So right about here .

Yeah , straight down and you can stop at the circle .

Yeah .

Now let's try two more and we're gonna split the left side and we're gonna draw two over here and split the right side .

So , yeah , right down there you go and one right next to it and then two more over here on the side .

Now we can turn our paper sideways like this and this is gonna make it easier to draw straight lines .

We're gonna draw two more lines just like we did over here .

But we're gonna go this way .

So I'm gonna start right here and draw two lines right next to each other .

You can .

Yeah , that's a good spot .

Draw one straight down and then draw another one next to it .


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