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2023-08-22 22:04:28

What I Eat In A Day To Lose Weight _ New Diet Plan WEIGHT LOSS _ Indian

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Hi guys .

It's a and welcome back to my channel to upload new already titled .

It's What It in a day to lose weight .

So I actually uploaded a dia video last week .

And this week I wanted to , you know , relax and recharge myself because there are some festive videos coming up , some giveaways coming up .

So yeah , for that , I wanted to , you know , just relax this week and I have started dieting since last week because you lockdown meto dieting because what I was eating everything and yeah , I did gain weight 2 , 2.5 kg .

Started dieting since last week .

And I thought I'll share that with you guys in this video .

This is my new updated what I eat in a day video after lockdown .

I'll show you guys whatever I'm having today .

Plus there are more videos on weight loss and you know , healthy recipes .

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Many already breakfast , cake options , lunch , key options video , please .

And right now it is 10 o'clock .

I wake up around 7 38 o'clock because I don't eat anything .

So uh yeah , and I'm very hungry .

I'll go , I'll have something and I really want to have it basically , which I wouldn't recommend you guys .

I get up healthy .

I plan , but my body doesn't work without .

So , before I like to have something .

And usually it is a mini bowl of salad , chana mong chickpeas , whatever is available at home .

I just mix them with some veggies .

There were some extra cucumber slices that I thought of adding to the bowl and after that I'll have chai .

So , yeah , I had my salad .

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I had my and a around 12 , 12 30 I'll go and I'll have something 12 30 .

I used to have another meal , but since last week , I have replaced my meal with Kawas Slim Shake .

It is India's first ever complete meal replacement with the goodness of Ayurveda .

So it has six auric herbs which helps in healthy weight management .

It has low calorie which saves up to 500 calories per meal .

It has high protein , high fiber with benefits of 12 plus superfoods like carrots , pea protein , rice , protein and more .

So you can not only take this for breakfast , but you can take it during lunch or dinner .

It comes in two flavors mango and chocolate link of this product .

Guys will be in the description box do make sure to check it out because it is really helping me in my weight loss routine .

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So I had this and uh 2 , 2.5 hours normal , sorry or it be cheese .

You know , breakfast may already limited calories here , which is good for my diet for me .

Lunch is the most important meal of the day .

I keep it heavy , but at the same time in proportion .

So today I'm just having one chapati .

But there are days when I like to have two chapati when I'm extremely hungry .

Mixed vegetables , subs which has potato , french bean , carrot , honey , cauliflower and peas , a bowl of homemade curd and some salad rice and roti to both , you know , usually on the internet , but I eat rice .

I love rice to my rice .

I try to eat everything but in proportion , I do keep snacking in between .

But around 44 30 I like to have something .

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I'll go for fruit or fruit juice , juice per person there .

So I'll have that or some dry fruits like almonds , raisin or chana .

I even like I went with one big guava Sprinkle , some black pepper .

And also the though I eat one banana , I have a treadmill at home .

So I do that or I do any of these exercises that I have mentioned on the screen today .

I was not working out , but I thought of giving you guys a little glimpse and I do it twice or twice a week .

Usually my workout is for my mental health and to feel active .

So around six , it's my chai time .

Along with chai , I will have a bowl of makana roasted in or I even like to have plain popcorn and yeah , my for dinner .

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I like to keep it light and I have already talked about peanut butter and bread in my other weight loss videos that how much I love having it .

So yeah , that's my dinner .

So after I have my peanut butter and bread , um I like to drink uh apple cider vinegar with lemon in normal temperature water .

Uh made a previous video I even drink chilled milk with .

But then because my product are made a weight routine .

Rather concentrate curry who I like to drink .

Uh This is not only good for weight loss , but it also has like a lot of other benefits .

Uh You guys can go and check it out on Google .

I love this since graduation days .

So yeah , you bought , you have a set of vinegar .

I keep snacking throughout the day .

And uh yeah , I eat actually everything .

There are cheat days but then I make sure that whatever I eat is in proportion whenever you're making your own diet plan .

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Just make sure that consider consider .

So to check out Kava slim shake .

So it's convenient and easy meal replacement .

I leave us links in the description box .

So make sure to go and check that out and stay tuned for more videos guys because as I said , there are some festive videos coming up , some giveaways coming up and I'm really excited for that .

So stay tuned and I'll see you guys very soon .

Bye bye .

Keep inspiring .


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