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Hibiscus Tea For Weight Loss - Herbal Remedy For Thyroid - Lose Weight & Get Younger Glowing Skin

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10 ways to lose weight when diets don't work .

According to a 2010 study conducted by a group of scientists from the leading universities in the US , only 20% of people manage to lose excess weight .

Effectively .

The plateau effect is to blame .

This is when after an insignificant weight loss , the process stops .

Despite your best efforts , before you learn how to overcome this problem , click the subscription button and ring the notification bell to join us on the bright side of life .

10 take up resistance training .

You may have heard that resistance training is less effective for weight loss than cardio training , but that's not exactly true if we talk about a long term process .

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It lowers blood pressure .

It helps to control bladder infections , combat fatigue and stress .

It is anti inflammatory anti aging .

It calms hot flashes , it protects the liver , reduces anxiety and depression and prevents common colds and flus .

It's incredibly high in vitamins , sea and several minerals .

Boost the immune system and reduces the growth of pre cancerous cells .

In some desert countries .

Hibiscus tea is used to help maintain a normal body temperature .

Hibiscus is rich in vitamin C and thus it helps to boost your immune system .

Hibiscus tea helps to lose weight .

The fruit acids in Hibiscus functions like a laxative .

This tea may help your body to prevent carbohydrate absorption .

It blocks amylase , an enzyme that breaks down starches into sugars .

Therefore , Hibiscus tea reduces the amount of sugar absorbed into the body , prompting weight loss .

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As soon as you start to lose weight in earnest , your metabolic rate slows down paradoxically , the more weight you shed , the fewer calories you'll burn .

Resistance training speeds up your metabolic rate and prevents your body from entering energy saving mode .

One more benefit of resistance training is that it retains muscle mass which positively influences the number of calories you burn in a day .

The most effective method is to combine resistance training and eating protein after your workout .

Nine change the caloric value of your food throughout the week .

When you're dieting , your body gets used to the reduced amount of food you allow yourself to eat as a result .

It cuts down on your energy expenditure .

Let's have a look at this vicious circle .

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Now , boil one cup of water in a sauce pan and once it starts to boil , switch off the flame and in are washed and cleaned flower petals and give it a stir .

You can see how quickly the color is drained off from the flour .

Now , you can flavor this tea with cinnamon sticks , ginger cloves or even mint leaves .

But I like it plain because this tea gives a cranberry like fruity taste , which you will really start liking it .

Once you start drinking this tea every day , cover it with a lid and let it tip for about 15 to 20 minutes .

It's about 20 minutes now and let's check on the flowers .

You can see that the color of the flowers has completely drained into the water and the water is having a nice red color .

Now let's transfer this into a cup and now you can see that it's a beautiful magenta like color .

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Your body adapts to new conditions , but at the same time , it doesn't want to get rid of its fat storage , saving it for a rainy day .

You start to despair and cut down on calories even more .

Your body is sure that hard times have arrived and stops burning calories altogether .

But there's a way to deceive your body .

You can apply calorie cycling , choose two days a week on which you'll consume no more than 1000 or 1200 calories and eat the bare minimum of carbs on the other days , you can allow yourself 1500 calories .

Remember that this is an approximate number .

A recommended calorie intake depends on many factors , age gender health conditions and so on .

If you use calorie cycling , your metabolic rate won't slow down .


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