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2023-08-19 20:37:42

Easy 2 Dollar Pasta _ But Cheaper

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So you go to go get pasta and it's 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 , 19 , $20 .

I've got three different kinds for less than $2 per serving .

That is .

But cheaper whenever I go out to eat , I will order pasta if I'm at a great restaurant .

Of course , a good restaurant makes great pasta .

It's always worth the money , but usually it's like 18 $20 and you can make this stuff at home for a fraction of the price .

So it's a perfect but cheaper candidate while we're here talking about it .

Uh You , me and nd oh my God , please .

Romantic is I'm gonna talk about three different ways to make a great pasta as cheaply as physically possible .

I could go on and on about pasta rather than talking about it .

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I think we should be about it .

And let's do this , shall we ?

Right ?

So , before we get started , I'd like to mention pasta shape , dried spaghetti works excellent with all these sauces and is an ultra cheap 1 to $2 per pound option .

Anyway , sauce number one is a chef and home cook .

Favorite Marcella Hazan's Classic onion butter , tomato sauce , medium sauce pot , add a 28 ounce can of peeled .

A Roma tomatoes .

The Cento brand cost me about three bucks but you can go even cheaper here if you want .

Add in one whole onion that's been sliced in half peeled with the roots still attached in five tablespoons or 70 g of unsalted butter .

Give it a light seasoning of salt to taste and a small pitch of sugar .

Then place it on a stove over medium heat .

Bring that up to a gentle simmer and lower the heat to medium low simmer that for 45 minutes stirring .

Occasionally mashing the whole pieces of tomato against the wall of the pan until you get a lovely sauce like this , then simply remove the onion , discard it and adjust the salt levels to your taste from there .

You can boil £1 of spaghetti or bucatini to a nice texture .

Uh It should be al dente .

All right .

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That's the right way and make sure to season your pasta water generously with salt .

I want this bad boy as salty as the ocean .

Then toss your drained pasta and all of your tomato sauce with a little splash of reserved pasta water .

Then plate it up and enjoy with some fresh shaped Parmesan Regian .

Should you desire it now ?

Not including the cheese ?

This bad boy sits at a solid $1.06 50 cents per serving the cheese tacks on like another 30 cents to a dollar .

Right .

So next up , we've got a surprise Alfredo , which is shockingly affordable to make in a large sauce pan , add four tablespoons of 56 g of unsalted butter heat , over medium heat till melted and boo and then add one cup or 240 mils of heavy cream .

Bring that to a nice simmer and let that simmer away for about 1 to 2 minutes or till emulsified and beginning to slightly thicken .

Then turn off the heat and whisk in 1.5 cups or 100 and 10 g of finely grated Parmesan Reggiano .

Keep whisking until completely melted and emulsified .

Then finish with two cloves of freshly grated garlic , some fresh cracked black pepper and salt to taste separately .

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Boil £1 of a nice wide noodle such as pepper doll and just toss that with your sauce along with a splash or two of pasta water and serve that bad boy with some extra cheese and black pepper on top .

Bone apple tea to you too .

Last but certainly not least is both a friend to our wallet as it is to our heart and souls .

How is that ?

Italian said , I do good .

Let , let me know to get yelled at .

Very excited .

Now , go ahead and boil yourself £1 of spaghetti or as the Italians say spaghetti .

All right , I'm getting out of myself here .

Don't forget to heavy season that water By the way , now , when your pasta is almost done in a large saute pan , add a third cup or 80 mils of extra virgin olive oil heat that over medium heat until hot .

It's a lot of heating .

Then add seven cloves of very finely chopped garlic and one teaspoon of 5 g of red pepper flakes .

Saute that beauty until fragrant and nice about three minutes .

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Now , once your pasta is done , reserve about half a cup of the pasta water during your pasta , add it immediately to your hot oil , turn off the heat and toss aggressively splashing with a little pasta water until you've got a nice coating of oil season that generously with salt to taste and finish with half a cup or 12 g of very finely chopped fresh parsley .

Please .

That bad boy up .

Nice and tall .

Feel free to grate some parm on top .

Should you desire it ?

And that right there is one of the simplest yet , greatest pasta dishes of all time .

So we have three pastas that each have plenty of wallet saving potential and you can add your budget protein of choice if you wish .

But now I think it's time that we talk about how they taste .

It's a bus that time pasta .

This is perhaps the most affordable , easy to make pasta in all of history with all that said that puts this plate of pasta at this number right here .

This is something everyone should know how to make and if you don't already and I've talked about it before .

So has our boy babish babby .

I love you .

So , uh , let's , uh , dig in .

Hm .

Oh my God .

Pasta encompasses .

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Although a tongue twister sings harmonies on your tongue as well .

That doesn't make sense .

It's got all the qualities you want in a plate of pasta .

It's rich but not too rich .

It's garlicky , but in a subtle way , there's a little bit of kick from the garlic .

There's a little bit of spice from the , the red pepper flakes and there's a little bit of juice from the past .

It's a good , this is what a pasta should be .

This takes 10 minutes , take the damn time .

Alfredo .

This is something that I think a lot of kids hold near and dear to their heart .

You know , you go out with your , your family .

It's a Saturday night school not happening .

What even is school ABC si don't know .

But one thing you are looking forward to is the Alfredo that's been a hit right in front of you that could have broken if your Alfredo doesn't do that .

I don't want it on your first bite .

You're gonna ask , why did I ever pay $17 for this ?

So simple , so easy ingredients that aren't really even that expensive .

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There's nothing exotic about it and it's not that hard to make five minutes of boiling and simmering and stirring and you're that's what you're paying $17 for when you go out .

So this comes in at this price per serving .

Now , granted that's without chicken .

But like you incorporate chicken , you might tack on a dollar or two to that big whoa , much better than uh than 17 .

This is one that I've talked to you guys about before I hold this very near and dear to my heart .

A lot of the Italian cooking that I learned when I was a young kid was from Marcella Hazan .

Marcella .

Shout out to her .

This is her classic .

Everyone knows this .

The OG onion and butter tomato sauce so simple makes me wanna cry .

Obviously , the simplicity in the ingredients is gonna automatically make it cheap .

But the key point is this is a perfectly balanced like you take a bite and you're like balancing , right ?

But it's perfectly balanced .

So you're not doing that .

I don't know where I'm going with this analogy .

The sweetness from the onion combats the over acidity of the tomato .

So it's nice and smooth tasting .

It's salty .

It's got richness from the butter .

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This is truly perfect tomato sauce and you can make the whole darn thing less than $6.50 cents .

But do you want to know what else has nice nudes and is coated in sauce b roll ?

All right guys .

And that is it .

So we made three different kinds of pasta Alfredo pasta .

And what was the third one again .

How could I forget ?

Marcella Hazan's greatest tomato sauce of all time .

It's so beautifully simple and cheap .

The , there's a message here and the message is simple ingredients cared for .

It's not supposed to be expensive .

It's just beauty and simplicity tech and a little bit of love , bro .

I hope you learned something also .

II I keep having the , the conversation back and forth about being in the cabinet , not in the cabinet .

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We're out of the cabin again because sometimes we remember to put the camera here and sometimes we don't .

So you tell us what you want to see in the comments below .

So with all that said , if you enjoyed this video or you learned something , leave a like subscribe and I will see you next time .

Good night .

Mm Stinky .


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