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2023-08-22 21:57:45

How to Make Giant Pancakes in a RICE COOKER!

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Hey guys , it's Rachel .

What's up ?

And welcome back to my channel .

And today we are doing kind of a testing hack video where we are going to be making a giant pancake in a rice cooker , which is a sentence I never thought I would say in my life , but I thought it'd be a cool idea because I've seen buzzfeed make these super fluffy pancakes that look amazing .

The general technique they use is basically to kind of steam the pancakes .

And so I thought it seems like rice cooker would be a really good way to do that .

So I think it's gonna be a good time .

I hope you guys enjoy it and then you also have a good time .

And yeah , I think that's all there is to it .

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All right , I think that is enough talking for me .

Now , without further ado , let's hop right into it .

All right .

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So to start off , we're going to make our pancake batter .

You need 1.5 cups of flour , 3.5 teaspoons of baking powder , a half teaspoon of salt and then one tablespoon of sugar .

Go ahead and whisk that all through .

Get it combined .

You know the drill .

Then we're gonna add in one and a quarter cups of milk , a single egg and three tablespoons of melted butter just for a nice richness .

Then I'll grab my whisk again .

Mix it all through a few lumps in the batter is totally fine .

I didn't really have any of this time , but if you do , don't sweat it .

And so now it's time to cook the pancakes for the first trial run .

I just pour this into my greased rice cooker .

And then I noticed that a lot of recipes suggest putting your rice cooker on , keep warm , which I assume is meant to be just really gentle in the cooking .

And so then I flipped it on to keep warm and then I let that cook for about 30 minutes .

I want to say .

And then , and I checked it at this point , it was raw completely .

And so I decided , maybe not yet .

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And so then I flipped it on for another 30 minutes or so to cook it for a total of one hour .

And at this point , it was looking nice and cooked .

You can see it springs back when you poke it , which is good .

So then I went ahead and ran a knife around the edge of the rice cooker and I grabbed a plate , went ahead , flipped it over .

It looks pretty good to me .

Honestly , the top looks kind of burnt , but from this angle looks like kind of a shadow in the back .

So all in all I consider this pretty much a success , a little crispy on top , but not a huge problem for the second trial run .

I decided to whip up another batch of the pancake mix , which by the way , you could totally throw in some blueberries , strawberries , banana chocolate chips , whatever you like .

And then I poured that into my grease rice cooker again .

And this time I wanted to put it onto the white rice setting just to see what would happen .

Now for white rice though , mine only goes for like 12 minutes at a time .

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So then I checked it every interval about six times until it was like 3 a.m. and I was running out of time and patience and then I just decided to take it out the rice cooker .

It turns out is really , really is meant for cooking rice .

And so then I just looked it out onto a plate and decided to kind of give it a microwave if it needed to finish cooking , which I know , is cheating .

But basically from this experience , I deduced white rice will work .

But I think it really depends on your individual rice cooker .

And then for my final trial run , I decided to put some parchment in the bottom of the pan , kind of hoping it would help decrease any burning on the top .

And then I also set it for steam this time .

So I steamed that for 25 minutes .

At first , you can probably guess it was still super raw at that point .

But in total , after about 50 minutes to an hour , a toothpick inserted in the center came out out clean .

So then I just grabbed a knife , ran it around the outside and then flipped it out onto a plate .

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This came out just as kind of crispy on top as the first one , if not more .

So , so my experiment didn't super work , but it's not completely blackened or charcoal looking .

So I figured it was probably still safe .

So now it's time for the taste test .

I went ahead and added some strawberries , some butter syrup , the works and these were so good .

Oh My gosh .

They are just super fluffy buttery .

They're nice and moist on the inside too .

And it's just a really satisfying pancake because it's nice and thick .

Overall , I would 100% recommend this .

I do think if you had a nonstick rice cooker bowl instead of a metal one that would really help prevent any burning .

But even with the kind of crispy top , still totally fine in my opinion .

So I hope you guys enjoyed this little experiment .

I had a lot of fun doing it .

Hope you give it a try .

And now that our pancakes are finished , let's hop into the , all right guys .

So that is our giant rice cooker pancake little experiment .

And I hope you guys enjoyed it .

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I had a lot of fun with it and if you like this video , make sure you tap that subscribe button and turn on those notifications as well .

You can preorder the ku roll cookbook at kawaii suite roll dot com slash book .

I'll link my last video right down there and I think that is about it for now .

Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you all back here very soon .

Bye guys .


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