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2023-08-19 20:43:24

How to make PASTA

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Guys , welcome to Fact to Fab and I am .

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So today's video is all about recipe video , this pasta pasta and just a moment and , and , and we , and we basically pastor that one and now basically past all purpose .

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73.04 --> 172.899

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So yeah , so we are not going to waste any more time and let's start the weight loss pasta recipe .

So guys here I have two type of pastas .

First is uh pasta by quinoa 100% natural .

And uh it's from naturally planned pasta , naturally planned .

Second , I have corn and vegetables shells and it's in a shell shaped pasta , gluten-free wheat , free , egg , free , diet , free , soy , free and peed .

Let's check out the baked part like how much meat you guys can get fat .

Fat is 0.6 g , 0.1 400 G very less fat , very less you know , five G .

So I check later about the fast .

It was only paid for me 0.1 crow .

Very good .

Very good .

So let's start with the cooking process .

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So guys , if you know what your past the hair color , the hair , it's like light brown color or mandy color basically .

And let's end this one and give this color to him .

So pretty , so cute .

Ok , So let's start the cooking process like anari only .

Just one person killed a Banri which is me only .

So I'm going to mix both of them .

Like first I'm going to take this much of uh shell pasta , like corn and vegetable , shell pasta and as much I'm going today Chino pasta mix of both .

Yeah , that much is enough here .

I have water .

Now I'm going to dip them in this water and now you say I boiled for 10 minutes .

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OK ?

So guys , 10 minutes and pasta boil .

So I'm going to this bye .

And you guys so many can get it and then many mustard oil and one school and they put oil here .

I have some .

So what I have tomatoes is only we eat mushrooms , onions and garlic .

Let's start with the cooking process .

You need to try it properly .

Last thing which I'm going to add is garlic onions .


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