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2023-08-22 21:52:01

How to connect Sharp Aquos smart tv to wireless internet

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Hey guys , I'm gonna show you how to uh set up a uh internet connection on your sharp A TV .

I got a new router .

So therefore I got a new IP address .

So I need to set this up .

So using the remote , I'm gonna go to a menu and uh under initial setup , gonna narrow down to internet setup and the network set up and it gives you a couple of options here .

Um auto set up manual setup connection test first .

Uh Just to show you if you have internet problems , you can do connection test .

Once you select enter uh and hit connection test , then you can go down and left and right arrow on your options .

So I'm gonna say yes and hit enter and you can see my test failed .

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So , and what I'm gonna do now is hit exit and I'm gonna go to auto set up , but I'm gonna pause the video because I am going to go upstairs , hit the WPS button on my router and then I will come back down and um we'll restart this video and show you how to wrap this up to get your uh wireless internet connection set .

So , so I have hit the WPS button upstairs .

So now I'm gonna go to auto set up to set up my connection , er , over .

Yes , I enter to select wireless at next and now setting up the wireless .

So he detected my router upstairs and we should be good to go .

And that's simply how you do it and I will change my password .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Now , that is how you do it .

If we wanna hit , execute the internet connection , test the internet can now be connected and that is it .

You were done .


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