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2023-08-22 21:49:41

How to Draw a Chameleon Easy

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Hi , Jessie Wendy here today .

We're gonna draw the chameleon .

So let's get started to draw this chameleon .

We're gonna first start by drawing a big circle for the eyes .

So I'm gonna come right here .

We're gonna start with a circle and I'm gonna come inside and I'm gonna draw another circle and I'm just gonna give it a little highlight and shade it in .

So you can put the center circle wherever you want , you can put up here down here wherever you want your chameleon to be looking .

OK ?

So then from there , now let's come and draw the mouth area .

So we're gonna come see about right here on this circle and we had to draw curved down .

That's where I start to draw the mouth .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And all right , then I'm gonna start to bring it in this kind of looks like a frog , right ?

But before we finish that , let's imagine this curve going through the eye right here .

So it's gonna pop out about right here and we're gonna come up , curve it and we're gonna draw this little hump this chameleon has so about right there , curve it out , make it a little bit up , curve it and bring it down to about right there .

So then now let's come back right here .

Now we have this head shape , we can finish this part off .

So let's just bring it in and then , um , before we finish the rest of that , let's come and draw the mouth .

So we know what's going on .

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So in this area , we're right here , curves and make her very happy , right ?

And cap it off , then let's come back up here and we're gonna start to draw the body .

So we're gonna come in about right here and I'm gonna start to curve it down , just bring it down more and let's bring this in .

So we're gonna slowly build it back and forth just so we know how to um the proportions of our chameleon .

So let's bring this in a little bit more .

So in this area now that we have this , let's come and draw the first arm .

So we're gonna come right here , pop out an arm .

So it's a curve .

Follow that curve , right .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let's finish this in right here , curve it and then we're gonna imagine this coming down to about right here , draw the little belly area and so about right here .

I'm gonna draw the leg .

So it's come about right here , draw curve and we're gonna follow that curve once again .

So we're gonna imagine this now finish this off , bringing this down and now we can go ahead and draw the tail .

So let's continue this down .

So we're getting thinner and thinner as we come down .

So let's give it a little spiral .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So we're gonna bring this curve all the way down a spiral and then curve it back there .

OK .

So now let's go back to the um hands .

So right there , I'm gonna come and I'm gonna have my community holding a branch .

So I'm gonna give it a little curve right here for who's holding the branch .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And so let's come in here now that we know this hand is right here , we're gonna pop out a branch that comes out , we're just gonna pop out branch and this area as well and let's bring this branch through .

So let's draw this foot .

So we know this branch is coming through .

So , but right here , we draw the feet and let's put the branch in this foot right here and bring this branch through there .

Hope that it was not too complicated .

But basically , you just want to draw this through this branch through the feet .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

OK ?

So then from there , let's draw the back hand right here .

So I'm gonna come see about right here .

It really doesn't matter right to come in .

They do all these weird moves .

So right here , put the other leg and then we're gonna put a little hand that comes out right there .

So I have to go in there and erase that part and then let's do the back one .

So pop it out .

So you go right here and once again , pop out a little foot and let's see here .

Now let's draw some um markings on our chameleon if you want .

I'm gonna come right here .

Just give a very simple stripe .

So let's start right here .

Have fun with this part .

There's just , there's just so many things you can do with a chameleon , right ?

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The colors , the patterns whatever you want .

But this is just the base that you want to start with .

And then you can do all these different patterns .

So around the tail area , I'm just gonna start to give with stripes .

And so notice I'm following the angle and changing the angle as I go there and then let's finish this branch off .

So I'm just gonna imagine this coming through .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah , just give it some simple branch here and let's add some leaves and you can add some circles if you want just to add some color , some berries and , and that is pretty much it for our , oh , I almost forgot .

I have to add a little heart , right ?

So let's add our heart right here for a chameleon .

So now that it's my Jose chameleon , so now that we're done um drawing it , let's go ahead and color it .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So there .

I hope you guys love how this chameleon drawing turned out .

And if you do , please give me a thumbs up and turn on your notification bell so you won't miss any new draw secu videos .

See you later .


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