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2023-08-19 20:35:03

3x3 Blindfolded EASIEST Method! (Three Algorithms)

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Welcome back .

And today I'm gonna show you how to solve the three by three , Rubik's cube blindfolded .

This is actually part two of another video that I made on blind solving .

If you want to see that video , then click the link above .

Now we can finally start on the Rubik's cube .

This will be a bit like doing two of those puzzles since we will solve the edges first and then all the corner pieces .

Let's start with the edges .

Do you remember the letters from before ?

Well , there's also something like that for the Rubik's cube .

It's called the Pochman lettering scheme .

It uses 24 letters and it covers all the pieces of the Rubik's cube for the edges .

This is how the letters will go .

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So on the top side , ABC D then on left side efgh on the front IJKL on the right side , Mnop on the back , QR ST or if you're looking at it like this , QR ST , then on the bottom UVW and X I would suggest learning at least the first letter on each side so that when you're in the middle of a solve , you don't have to start at a and go all the way through all the pieces because you're likely to miss one to swap two edges .

We will use the two perm algorithm .

This algorithm swaps these two edges as well as these two corners .

Now , it's important that we don't touch these two corners when we're doing our setup moves because if we do , we'll end up scrambling all the corners and then we won't know what to do .

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Once we get to that step .

Here's an example of swapping two edges , my buffer position will always be B this does not mean this sticker .

It means that it will be this top sticker .

And my swapping position will always be the letter D right now in the buffer slot .

I can see that I have an L .

This means that this piece needs to go right here and this is the letter L , I will do a set up move to move L into the swapping position .

Then I will do my T algorithm undo my setup move by moving L back into its place and the two edges have been swapped .

Now , not all letters will be as easy as L .

In this case , we have to swap to letter T , which is right here .

When we move this into the swapping position , we will have to make sure not to touch these corner pieces .

Otherwise it will start a chain reaction , then all the corners will be messed up by the end of solving edges .

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So we will have to do a set up move that doesn't touch these corners to do our key perm algorithm .

Move it back down undo setup move .

And these two edges have been successfully swapped .

I prepared a few more pieces to solve this time .

Let's try memorizing them and then doing them all in a row .

So here's my buffer position .

So my first letter will be I then P then R and then V and then since this is the white sticker of my buffer piece , it should move right here and that should be the end of this cycle .

So in remembering we have I pr V .

All right , let's start .

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So that was my setup U for I then P then R then V as predicted , all the edges are solved .

Let's remember what I said about hitting the buffer piece too early .

In this case , my first letter would be D .

However , since this is the buffer piece , it would move into its slot and we still have more unsolved pieces .

In this case , I would just choose a random unsolved piece .

Let's just choose C and then continue memorizing letters .

So let's start over .

My first letter is D , then I ran him on so piece .

So it's C then A then back to C .

So my letters are DC AC , let's try this out .

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D has no set up move then C then A then see again and then we are done .

Now , you might be wondering since these corners are constantly flipping , what happens if at the end of edge pairing , they are still flipped .

Now , this is where the R A firm comes in .

In this method .

It's impossible to have an even number of corners and an odd number of edges .

They will always be even , even or odd odd .

If you have even even , then you will just do nothing in between solving your edges and corners .

But if you have odd odd , then you will have to do A R A perm in between these two steps .

Putting it simply , it just fixes problems .

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Maybe I'll do a more in depth video about why this fixes problems in blind solving corners aren't too different from edges .

The lettering system is just the same but it's on the corners .

So it's ABC D and then followed around on the same sides around the cube .

And for this , we will use the Y perm .

However , you will take off the beginning F and the ending F prime of the algorithm .

So the result should look something like this .

It will swap this sticker with this sticker .

This is our buffer position and this is our new swapping position .

It will also swap these two edges .

But if you use the R A perm for odds and then do nothing for evens , then this shouldn't be an issue .

This also opens the door to a whole new set of setup moves .

Right now , we have this sticker of the red , white and blue piece in the buffer position .

This white sticker will move right here to the letter B .

I will have to make sure not to touch these pieces .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

When putting it into the swapping position .

I can set it up simply with an R two to my algorithm undo the setup moves .

And then I've successfully swapped these two corners .

Once again , I've scrambled up a few pieces .

Now let's try to memorize the string of letters and then do them all in a row .

So right now in the buffer position , I have the blue of the red , yellow and blue .

I know that this will go into the T slot , which is right here .

Then this sticker will move to the eye slot , then this will move to you and then this will move to Q .

So my letters are T I UQ .

Let's try doing these in a row .

So here's my setup move for a T undo setup .

Then I remember I have to do that .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Since I can't touch any of these pieces , then you then Q let's also briefly talk about twisted pieces .

This is when they're in the right position , but they are not oriented correctly to solve this .

We will just choose one of the letters .

Let's choose L and then we'll put L into its correct position in this case F so first I will take out L and then I will put it in the F position .

As you can see by doing this , we also flipped our buffer piece .

Know that if you are flipping edges , it will always work out in the end with the buffer piece for twisted corners , it's really the same .

I like to memorize the white or yellow .

And then just remember twist at K .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So first I will take out K which is this setup move and then I will put it into its correct position .

In this case , it B as you can see this also twisted the buffer piece proving that by twisting pieces , the buffer piece will always turn out in the end .

So there are eight corners and 12 edges .

That means that the corners are easier to memorize than the edges .

We will start with the corners so that we can put these into the back of our brain and then memorize edges and then execute them quickly so that we don't have to remember them as well .

And then reaching back to the corners , we will solve all the corner pieces for the actual memorization .

I would definitely recommend memorizing it in two letter pairs .

This allows you to easily identify if you have an odd number of letters or not as well as providing a pretty easy way to memorize letters .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You can also try to form words out of these two letter pairs to make them easier to memorize like if you had D then Q you could remember Dairy Queen and really the sillier the better because they're easier to remember that way .

So have fun making up different things for two letter pairs and that should be about it .

I hope this video is helpful to you and for the future .

Good luck .


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