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2023-08-19 20:59:01

How to Lose Weight in 1 Month

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Hey guys , Cassie here .

So we are nearing the end of summer , which means less time back to school , back to work .

No more vacations , but it's ok .

I got your fitness covered for the fall .

It's gonna be a great September and not just in September , a September .

Thank you to Twitter follower twi like love for giving me this hashtag idea .

You're simply brilliant .

Check it out guys .

I already made your September calendar .

I like didn't even procrastinate were so early .

So those of y'all in Australia and Singapore and Germany and everywhere you are getting this on time , in fact early .

So add on the shoulder .

So for the month of September , I added a lot of cardio tone days and hip workouts to make sure you stay lean .

So be sure to check this out on blogs dot com .

Just sign up for the newsletter .

It's completely free and I'll send you the secret password so you can hang it on your wall to stay motivated .

And why do you need to stay motivated ?

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Well , guess what guys , we are doing another diet then ?

Yes .

Yes , we are last time in June .

You guys did so well , together we lost a total of £31,900 .

Do you know what that is ?

15 cars ?

That's a lot of cars .

And so if I call my request and um all the motivation and positive feedback that I got , you guys want to know the diet bet .

So we are doing a sweat tuber diet bet .

So for those of you who haven't done a diet bet game before , want to know more about it .

I'm just gonna quickly explain .

So it is a social dieting game that we're going to play with all these popsters around the world .

It's really , really fun .

And basically what you do is you say , hey , you're gonna put down some money and be like , I'm gonna lose 4% of my body weight in 28 days .

So to do the math , if you're about 100 and £50 you lose £1.5 a week or £6 a month and that is extremely healthy .

And if you do that , then you split the pot and you actually win some money and lose some weight .

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So it's actually pretty cool and make it super duper exciting .

I am giving away some really awesome brand .

So to the person who invites the most people into the game , you're actually going to win an ipad mini .

How exciting is that ?

I don't even have an ipad mini and sometime during the game , I will be giving away , check this out some Nike free blind knits .

I don't even have a Nike free flight and I know that all you deserve all this is going to be really fun .

It's gonna be motivating and inspirational .

Everybody in there is in there to win is in there to be positive .

And you know what if you don't have any friends or family at home who are supporting you or if you're surrounded by junk food and people pulling you down the whole time , this is where you're gonna find your safe community .

And in fact , last time , um I dragged my mom into doing the game and she really didn't want to do it .

But you know what ?

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She ended up losing the weight , she ended up winning some money and then she kept bothering me for like the past two months , Cassie .

When are you going to do another diet that so I finally called her this morning and said , ok , mom , I'm doing a diet bet and she is already signed up .

So be sure to click right here to join the diet vet game and the money you put down in the beginning .

I promise that you will win it back if you are eating clean .

And if you are following the sweat tuber calendar , I am here for you .

All your hoes are here for you .

We are going to support each other .

If you're going to reach those goals , you're gonna be healthy in your mind and your body and just everything .

It's gonna be super duper fun .

00 .

And if you haven't heard the vlog la that is finally here .

It has been so long and I know you guys are going to love it and check it out .

I'm launching it right in time for your sweat timber diet bit because the calendar , the sweat timber calendar is actually in here and you can click , find the videos , check it out and then you're good .

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You're good to go for the rest of the day .

No excuses .

Seriously .

You know , I , I am giving you an app .

You have a calendar .

You have pop store friends from all over the world .

There is a meal plan B I mean , the healthy find a body that you want .

It's possible you can do this .

All the tools are here for you and I can't wait to see you reach your goals .

I'm so excited for the September diet bed .

Click right here to head over there and see who has already joined and remember giving away lots of free stuff in addition to the Nikes and the ipad , also given away some DVD and bla la gear and I'm going to deck you guys out .

I'm gonna spoil you guys because I love it so much .

So I think that is it and I will talk to you later .

Bye .


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