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2023-08-19 21:14:24

4 SUMMER HABITS to lose weight FAST

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Hey guys , today we're gonna cover how you can achieve your health goals .

You have in mind for the summer .

The brutal truth about losing weight is that it's bloody hard .

There's been a lot going on about what you should eat and what you should avoid .

And by now you probably know all of that in this video .

We're gonna give you four incredible tips , take your weight loss process to the next level so you can feel amazing with or without the clothes stick around for a few moments and my friend , a batman boss will quickly walk you through them .

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When you think of summer , the thought of lounging on the beach and enjoying the hot weather probably comes to mind while the thought of taking in the strong summer sun is endearing to many .

The same thought can prompt feelings of insecurity and self consciousness for others .

For many overweight individuals , the thought of showing off their figure can be downright terrifying , leaving them feeling demoralized and ashamed .

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Luckily in this video , I will share four habits to lose weight fast and naturally for summer .

Make sure to watch until the end .

So you can obtain a summer ready body that you will be proud to show off when the warm weather comes around .

Habit .

Number four , begin tracking your calorie intake .

One of the major reasons people gain weight is because they have no idea how many calories they are consuming on a daily basis .

For instance , you may think that you are eating a reasonable amount of food , making healthy choices but could still be overeating .

Leading to fat accumulating on your body almonds , for example , are generally seen as a healthy food item , but consuming just 100 g of them is more than 500 calories , which is the same as eating a mcdonald's burger while counting calories is often looked down upon in the fitness community without knowing how many calories you are eating in a day .

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How can you possibly find out what food amounts you need to eat in order to start losing weight .

As a renowned management consultant , Peter Drucker once said , what isn't managed isn't improved ?

And the saying is true when trying to lose weight .

As you begin your quest to lose weight for summer , you must first determine how many calories you need to lose weight and then ensure through tracking that you stick to this amount an easy way to determine how many calories you will need to eat to lose weight is by multiplying your body weight in pounds by 13 .

Since we're looking to get in shape for the summer season .

Keep in mind that the sooner you begin tracking the food you consume , the better chance you will have of achieving your dream physique habit .

Number three , commit to a workout regime .

Having your nutrition in check will contribute to you losing weight for the summer , but it must be complemented with proper exercise in order to create a proper workout regime , you must ask yourself a few questions .

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Firstly , will I exercise at home or at the gym ?

Depending on what you choose ?

We'll dictate what exercises you can perform .

If you decide to stick to home workouts , then you may be limited to body weight exercises for resistance training and walking for cardio .

However , if you join a gym , then you'll have access to many more exercise options .

Secondly , you should ask yourself how many times you plan to exercise a week .

If you can only work out three times a week , then picking a full body routine may be better suited for your lifestyle compared to a five day split for individuals with more time to dedicate to the gym , whatever exercise frequency you decide on , it should be realistic as losing weight will take time and falling behind on your workouts is a common reason .

People's weight loss goals fail to be obtained now that you know where and how often you plan to work out .

You can easily find workout plans online habit .

Number two , track your results .

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At this point , you've begun tracking your clerk intake and have committed to a sustainable workout regime and now you're just waiting for the fat to melt off .

Right .

Well , sadly losing weight is not that simple .

The key to seeing progress throughout your weight loss journey is to track your results similar to counting your caloric intake , tracking your weight loss progress provides you many advantages .

Firstly , tracking your results will give you evidence that your efforts are paying off , which can be very motivating when dieting gets tougher .

Secondly , tracking your results will identify when you need to make changes to your diet plan .

For instance , if you begin to plateau on weight loss , then it may be time to reduce your co intake or increase your cardio by doing this .

You will avoid the frustration of your progress stalling , which is a primary reason why people quit their diets .

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Finally , by tracking your results on a daily or weekly basis , you'll have an account of your progress to look back on at the end of your journey , which will highlight all of the hard work and sacrifices you have made to craft your best summer body ever habit .

Number one limit unnecessary summer season calories .

Now that you have the weight loss fundamentals down pat and have been working hard in the months leading up to the summer season , you begin to gain confidence as you start noticing results and feel very excited for what future progress you will obtain as summer begins .

However , so too does the increased frequency of barbecues nights out and other events that could derail your progress in order to stay on track .

It is essential to always keep in mind your end goal .

And when you deviate from your meal plan , ensure that you maintain your required chloric intake , that will keep allowing the fat to fall off .

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Therefore , if you want to look amazing , then you must employ these four habits to lose weight fast and naturally for summer .

Thanks for watching .

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