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Finish right now on the play .

We were flying to the mountain all across the ocean and there we go again .

Walk near the streets .

That's a new place .

Guys .

Welcome back to the channel in today's video .

I'll be showing you another way to gain weight around your bots to increase your bots to enlarge your butt with this simple bot enlargement oil .

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And without further ado , let's dive right into the video to this video .

You'll be needing some ingredients and these ingredients are at your disposal .

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They are easy to get , they are affordable .

They are in the market .

You don't need to place orders or whatsoever you can get it from your grocery store , you can get it from the supermarket , you can even make them yourself .

So these three ingredients are very , very essential and key when it comes to gaining weight around your body area .

So I'll be showing you this ingredients you will need for sure .

It's pure coconut oil and this is my coconut oil I'll be using for this .

Coconut oil is good at for massaging .

Um for massaging on your bottom , simulates the muzzles of your body .

So coconut oil is good when it comes to using to massage .

You bought for bigger boats for enhancements and all of that , this coconut oil is very good .

I'm not saying you should buy this brand .

You can buy any brand .

You can see you can even make coconut oil yourself .

The best co oil is the oil you make yourself actually .

But this is a store bought .

So I'm going to be using this one .

It also works very well .

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The other thing you really need of course is sheer butter and here is my all natural sheer butter .

It is very pure .

You can buy this from those markets from the local market .

Um Yeah , this is original .

She butter .

It is very good when it also comes to massage and enhancement of your bot because she butter contains um fatty acids as well .

It contains fat .

The last thing you've been eating of course is your cod liver oil .

There has been like a misconception about this thing .

This can be called cod liver oil or fish oil , anything you choose to call it .

But because of geographical regions where we find ourselves , we have different names .

We call this thing .

It's in a soft gel .

This is very good and it contains omega three fatty acids .

It can also be called fatty acid .

It can also be called omega three .

I mean , it can also be called omega three because it contains Omega three fatty acids , which is going to help enlarge your body is going to help increase your boat .

So it depends on the area you find yourself or the region you find yourself .

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You can call this cod liver oil .

You can call this fish oil .

It all means the same thing .

And the three ingredients I'm using to make my bots enlargement massage oil .

If you also have um olive oil or almond oil can use , they are very good as massage oils .

But for now , this is what I have and this is what I'm going to be using .

And to all those who have the questions on if they could use any of the oils , you can use this oil .

This oil works very well .

OK ?

I don't know if you need a bowl and of course a Mexican spoon and this will be my mixing bowl today .

And I'm just going to take depending on the quantity you're going to make , you can take as much of the coconut oil as you want , depending on the quantity you are making .

But for today , I'm just making a little bit a little quantity .

But because I'm making in a soft , in a small , I mean , I'm making a small quantity , I'll be taking just a tablespoon of the coconut .

The next thing I'll be putting in here is the sheer butter .

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You can decide to melt your shea butter on that heat .

But I believe that when I mix it in this , well , it's going to dissolve with the coconut and help it incorporate a lot .

You can also use the heating method of the double boiling metal .

Why you put your she butter into the coconut oil ?

You put it in a double boil and it's going to melt it anyhow , you want to do it .

And I'm also going to take in one tablespoon of sheer butter .

I'm just going to try to dissolve this in the coconut oil .

I know I don't have all the sheer butter out , but I'm going to put it out now .

Yes .

So just dissolve this in the coconut oil .

So guys , if you want to purchase your both enhancements , syrup , your but enhancement formula , your butt and your breast enhancements oils .

Please contact me .

I will leave my number on the screen .

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If also you want to purchase your black soap , your turmeric soap , your stretch mark oil and your n soap , your papaya , your carrot soap .

Please send me ad M on what's up with the number you're going to see on the screen .

Also ensure you follow me on my social .

My Twitter handle will be on the screen , my um Instagram handle on the screen , um my um Facebook handle and as well Snapchat .

So you can choose any medium to ask um to place an order .

My goods are very , very , very affordable .

Send me ad M and we'll get talking 16 .

And the last we'll be adding is uh uh uh fish oil or cod liver oil guys .

So I'm just going to incorporate this into the mixture .

I'm just going to stir it very well .

You need to stir very well to incorporate the product together .

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You know , these are oils you need to stir and stir water so they can mix properly .

The number of fish oil you'll be adding or olive oil is dependent on what the amount you are preparing .

The quantity of a massage cream you are preparing .

Ok .

So don't because I used to , you go and use two on your own .

You can use as much as you want .

You can never go wrong with even using fatty acid because omega three fatty acids , we just help you .

Give you the of what you're looking to get , please .

And please don't put it into the fridge .

This is oil , it is going to solidify .

Don't put it into the fridge , please .

And please , unless you want to keep heating up the oil , you can leave it like this at room temperature and keep it away from the air or so it doesn't solidify .

Like , as you can remember there is shea butter here and shea butter solidifies .

So that is something you should note unless you want to go through the stress of heating it up and melting it every single time you want to use it .

And so this is what our cream looks like .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Frustrating how to use this on your bots .

OK .

I'm going to demonstrate it on my palm because I cannot show you my bots on screen .

Else youtube is going to demonetize me or even block my video .

So I'm going to demonstrate how you should use this onto my palm .

This is my palm , which I'm taking as my bot and you're going to massage this into your skin onto your butt cheek in an upward motion in an upward direction .

You're going to apply this in an awkward direction .

Do not go like this .

Do not go like this .

When you go like this , you're actually pushing down your , but you need to pick it from the bottom and drag it up .

You're not dragging placebo , massage it up , massage it very well , massage it in an upward motion and you keep massaging it and massaging it and massaging it in .

You're going to see within seven days , you start noticing some changes .

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Maximum expect changes in one month .

You need to be consistent in using this thing .

And you should use this every day .

You can just use it morning and night .

But me , I would prefer using it in the night so that um I could just get into a silky nightwear and go to bed and without , without being careful of its staying my other outfit and you should let this thing sit on your skin for like five minutes .

Do not wash it off .

This is oil , your skin needs to absorb it .

But so that it doesn't transfer onto your your eyebrow , um quickly just leave it on your skin for five minutes .

And afterwards you can put on your garments , maybe your underwears and all of those things .

And when it comes to the hip , apply it in a circular motion in a circular motion , just apply it , make sure that the thing gets into your skin , apply it in a circular motion when it comes to your hips and you're going to see results in seven days maximum .

In one month , you should keep doing this .

You should do this every day , do it every day .

You can choose morning and night .

You can choose both morning and night .

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You can choose there in the morning or in the night .

But I would prefer my own preference .

I would prefer applying it in the night people .

I recommend to try this .

They try it and it works for them .

You need to be persistent , you need to be consistent and you also need to persevere because everything beautiful takes time .

So we've gotten to the end of this video .

And if you enjoyed it , please give it a huge thumbs up .

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And also if you get results within the period of time I told you you're going to get results .

Please let me know those positive comments encourage me .

They keep encouraging me to make put up more more videos and also to convince other people who are in doubt if this really works .

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Thank you for watching .

I'll see you guys in the next video .

Bye guys .


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