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2023-08-22 21:48:34

How to Draw a Mermaid - Easy Pictures to Draw

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Hey guys , what's up ?

How's it going ?

This is easy pictures to draw and today we're gonna go over how to draw a cute mermaid .

Hopefully you guys are having an awesome day .

So we're gonna be using a marker and some colored pencils .

These are Creole brand colored pencils .

Um I'm gonna be using a blue green , uh peach and a red .

So hopefully you guys , if you guys have that , you can follow along and um that's pretty much it .

We're gonna do very like I said , cute uh kind of version of a mermaid .

And uh also if you guys haven't , if you guys like how to draw your favorite characters , if you guys like drawing uh you know , cute things and you know , caricatures and all that stuff , please hit the subscribe button and then also don't forget to hit that little Bell icon so you can get the notifications .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So let's kind of get started on this .

Well , you can follow along .

I'm gonna start with the face and it's gonna be like basically the lower side of a circle but not touching at the bottom .

The neck comes out just the small lines for the neck , a line capping off that circle at top of the circle because it's going to be for hair eyes , his smiley eyes , maybe some lines here for the , uh , small lines coming out of it for the eyelashes .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

The mouse , the bra area , especially like sunglass shape , arms sticking out the other arm .

We haven't drawn the hand on it yet .

The waste , it has an hourglass shape , top of the tail where that ends .

And I'm going through a big swoop for the tail , big swoop for the tail .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Mhm It kind of has these flipper points .

What I think it was , I think of two circles and then little uh kind of dashes at the very end of the circles .

You know , it's like water balloons but just kind of keep that shape in mind and you can kind of uh you know , alter it to do your own kind of thing , little hand at the end .

I'm just gonna draw a little nub at the end , simplified form and then I'm gonna draw a big swoop .

So be aware of that for the hair right in that tail .

And if you want , you can draw some lines coming out right here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

There are some small lines for indication of the hair smiley face .

And by the way , that marker uh I didn't really talk about .

It's a Faber Castel P att artist pen .

Uh It is very similar to a sharpie .

Uh just be aware of that .

And let's go in with the colors I'm gonna be using the red for the hair .

Well , let's start with the peach for the skin is peach for skin tone .

I'm actually gonna , I can't really find a sharpener , but I would find a sharpener around here , but I just can't what I'm gonna be using this peach tone closest thing to kind of caucasian skin value .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So , so I'm gonna use and I'm just gonna go into it kind of flat .

Nothing too crazy .

That's when we get in there , it might not even appear on camera that much .

Um I'm not grinding in there too bad but just kind of like judge whether how , how much you're gonna grind that in there .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm gonna put green for the kind of the bra area are , these are uh re of brand which is uh I know brands not , it's all right , not the greatest and it on with the blue here for the tail some chill chill vibes , chill blue kind of like sea blue sky blue .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

They're very mellow and I'm gonna go red with the hair and I kind of should have had like more of an orange but I just picked the kind of very , very red .

I thought it would just kind of look interesting , kinda more like aerial red , you know , like her hair is super red .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Mhm It's gonna make it , you know , bright like that .

It actually looks all sappy .

Right .

She looks all happy and cute .

You wanna , you wanna kind of uh give that feeling too in a lot of these drawings just like this happiness is really this ultra like , oh , how cute , you know , that kind of thing .

Try to do that .

So anyways , thanks a lot guys .

I'll talk to you later .

Uh next time , please uh you know , hit the subscribe button and I'll be back and uh I'll talk to you guys later .

Ok ?


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