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2023-08-21 20:49:17

Get beautiful neck and shoulders! Fix rounded back, lose double chin

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Hi , everyone .

I hope you guys are having a great day .

I am back with another awesome work gals for you today .

I am so so proud to see you guys sharing amazing progress on our community .

Keep taking your before photo and update your progress to motivate everyone this video , we are going to do the shoulder fat , neck fat for a femine shoulder .

Look .

Now before we get started , let's have a little understand about the science behind this .

Now as Gary know me , I like to work with science along with human anatomy .

This is a model with a low percentage body fat and low to no muscles on her body .

As you can see the bones are very vivid .

So this is another different upper body bone structure .

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Science believe that it is unhealthy and it can lead female to anorexia and PC OS A K A .

You're going to have irregular or no menstruation at all .

So this is a transition from low to average percentage body fat and lean muscles .

And this body type is higher percentage fat and muscles and the amount just goes higher as you can see the vividness of the bones depends on the percentage fat muscles and the thickness of your skin layers .

My body type belongs to the average type , a combination of fat and muscles .

The routine in this video will help you burn your shoulder fat , neck fat , lose your double chin .

If you have uneven shoulder , that is the gap between your collarbone and your shoulder muscles .

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The one is shorter and the one is higher or vice versa .

Now remember that being healthy is your first goal .

Beauty will come along as long as you are healthy .

Don't forget I have a lot of free workout programs for you on unfits dot com and a quick and intense fat one workout on unfits collection .

And let's get started .

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144.029 --> 418.91

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420.109 --> 609.01


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