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2023-08-21 21:11:56

How to Remove Popup Ads From Android Mobile 100% Working

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Hey guys , a lot of people in trouble because of pop up ads automatically appear at the mobile screen .

So today I will give you a solution how to free up your mobile phone from the pop up .

And any other irritating ads look like this .

As you can see this ad is from Google .

This method is work for Android 89 10 and also for older version of mobile .

There is solution at the end of the video before starting the video , subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon , forget notification of my future videos .

OK ?

Let's start the video first , open your mobile settings .

I am using Android 10 .

So maybe there is a little bit difference in your settings .

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Now scroll down and press Google in the older version from Android 8.0 to previous , you need to go to the Google account settings .

So show you in the end of the video .

Now click on the A's option and turn off the A's personalization option .

If it's on after that , go back and click on manage Google account .

Now scroll wide and open data and personalization settings here , Google store data according to your activity .

Now , go to add settings and turn off the add personalization .

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You can , I don't and open this option .

Visit your online choices .

Yeah , wait past Canny .

Now , press continue .

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This is the list of companies which are showing the ads on your phone , select all of them by pressing the select all button and submit the request to opt out all this website at the end of the screen , most of the companies now stopped showing ads on their phone .

I assure you that this week is work for you after that open Google Chrome and go to the chrome setting after that open side settings .

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Now open site settings , then cookies and unlike the option block , third party cookies , go back and open pop ups and redirects open and also turn off this option .

Now go back and open setting , turn it off .

Also you are done here .

Now you don't need to worry about any ad appear at your screen for the older version of mobile phones , do the same settings and the ads personalization setting is a different place in older version of mobile phones .

Instead of going to Google , just go to user and account settings and press Google after that click on your default account .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

And at the end of this screen , you got some settings just open the ad's personalization setting from here and blog that all companies with same method .

Hope you like this video must share and also subscribe to my channel .

Thanks for watching guys .


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