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2023-08-21 20:40:53

Change Apple ID Trusted Phone Number on iPhone _ Get Apple ID Verification Code on a New Number

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If you don't use your apple ID , trusted number anymore , but you need to get into your Apple ID and it has two factor authentication on .

So you are wondering how you can get into it in this video .

We will show you how you can change the trusted phone number of apple ID to get the verification code .

If you're not signed in anywhere else before you start , you have to make sure you have the access of the email ID connected to the apple ID because it will be needed .

So now let's check out the process .

Go to apple ID dot apple dot com , enter your apple id and password .

It will prompt you to enter your verification code tab didn't get verification code .

You will get these options , tap on more options , enter your trusted number for identification , tap continue .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

You will get these three options select , continue under cannot access to any Apple devices or phone number .

Tap , continue .

Anyway , you will get a verification code on your email , enter it , tap continue , enter the new number .

You can select text or phone , whichever you like tap continue .

You will get a verification code in the new number , enter it .

They will evaluate your request and you will get an email like this in 24 hours .

In this email , they will tell you your request has been processed and how much time it will be needed to change the trusted phone number .

You can also cancel the recovery if you wish from here .

Now you have to wait for the time being .

This is the way you can change your trusted phone number on Apple ID to get verification code , so you can sign into your Apple ID .

Thank you for watching the video .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

If you have any queries on the topic , let us know in the comment box and always stay with our channel for tips and tricks called Apple devices .

Thank you .


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