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2023-08-21 20:15:38

How to install and run JAVA in Windows 10 using CMD _ Easy Tutorial

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Hello guys .

Welcome to being engineers .

I'm and in this video , I will show you how to install java environment in your machine .

And I also tell you how to execute java programs to your comment prompt .

There are many techniques available to compile an executive dot Java files , but this is the most easiest one according to me before starting .

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So we start making mass deal .

Let's start this video .

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Before you start the installation , you must check if any residue from the previous installation is there or not to check this , open your command prompt at any location .

And just type in the comment , Java C and presenter .

If the result shows the Java C is not recognized as an internal external comment , then there is no problem and you can go further to download the Java JDK file , open your browser and Google the keyword Java JDK .

The first link should be a oracle .

So open the link and there will be two versions .

The first one is the Java version and the second one is the Nate Wins .

We obviously need the first one .

So click on it in the new page .

You can see all the available versions of Java for different operating systems .

The last two are for the Windows version .

And depending upon the Os architecture , you can download them .

So if you're using a Windows 10 , I presume that you are on a 64 bit Os , then you have to download the last one .

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And if you are using a 32 bit Os , you can download the last second , last one .

So just click on the file name and the download will start automatically if you're not sure about it , then check the properties of my computer to confirm the bit size of your OS .

As you can see here , the download is already started for 64 bit OS .

It will take some time depending upon your internet speed .

It is a one NMB file .

So just wait for a minute and I will come back as soon as it is downloaded here .

The file is downloaded now , this is how it will look in the desktop .

Now , just double click on this icon and the instruction will start by itself just do next next and don't alter any settings .

The installation trajectory will be C program files , Java JDK by default .

And you don't need to change it .

By any way , the instruction will be very quick .

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And whenever it asks for the GRD directory , click on ES and next , once the installation is completed , close the application to check whether the Java is installed correctly or not do the same procedure as we have done it previously .

Open command prompt and type in the command .

Java C previously , it was written that Java C is not recognized as any internal external comments .

But now you can see all these options that is coming in the command prompt to window .

So if you can see this in the window , then the Java is installed success and you can go further .

The next step is to add the environment variables to do this , open my PC and go to properties .

Then you can see the advanced system settings option in the upper left corner of the window , go to invert variables and then find path in the system variable sub window .

Click on edit .

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Now go to the Java folder in the program files in the C directory , go to bin directory in JDK , copy the full address of the bin directory and paste it in the new park to save for the GRD folder .

Go to GRD , go to bin and then copy the whole letters of the bin and paste it there in the bag .

So there will be two new parts added in the in environment .

Variable , click on .

OK .

OK .

And then close the properties window here , I will write a java program just to check if we have done it correctly or not .

So this is a print program that will print the following line .

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And I'm writing this code in notepad plus plus editor when done , save it at any place you want .

So I have , you will be saving it in my documents because I have created a folder for all the java programs previously .

So here I'll be saving it with the name of Check dot Java .

As check is the class name .

You have to remember the main class name and the file names would be the same in the Java program and they are case sensitive .

So be aware of that .

Otherwise they will be added in the coding compilation .

Next , open the director where you have saved it , press the shift key and right .

Click in the mouse .

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A new pop up will come with the option of open comment prompt here , click on it .

And first of all type in the comment , Java says space , the file name for me , it is Check dot Java and please enter and in this directory , you can see now that check dot class file is made and that is the byte code of this program .

And now we will execute this byte code by the following comment .

That is Java space check and presenter .

Now you can see the code run successfully .

And the sentence that we have written in the program is printed in the comment prompt here .

So that's you can execute your Jaha programs from command prompt .

Hope this video is helpful to you .

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So thank you for watching .

See you in your next video .

Till then .

Goodbye and take care .


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