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2023-08-19 20:31:15


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If you follow it along with my last tutorial for the first layer , you should be here .

So this is where we wanna go .

Uh We're going to solve the second layer .

So there's only four pieces to solve for 234 , which is cool .

So what you're going to want to do is put the white side on the bottom , our sol side underneath and our yellow side up top .

And what we're looking for is edge pieces to replace these incorrect edge pieces .

And we're looking at them from the top .

And what we're looking for is pieces that aren't , don't have any yellow in them .

So we can't use this piece because it needs to be up top .

We can't use this piece .

It needs to be up top , but here's a piece that has no yellow on either side of it .

So this blue and orange piece needs to go here .

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So what we're going to do is align it until the point where the orange is aligned with the orange .

So even though this could be correct , it's still wrong because the edge needs to be aligned with its correct color .

In this case orange .

So the algorithm that we're going to learn here from this position with it looking at you , the orange looking at you is up right up inverted , right , inverted , up , inverted , front , inverted up front .

And it didn't mess up any of our piece and it put our color where it needs to be and didn't mess up any other pieces for that matter either .

Now , now you may run into an occasion where instead of going to the right , your piece needs to go to the left .

While the algorithm for that is , it's very similar .

It's essentially the same .

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It's just mirrored in a way that algorithm is up in Veron left in Vidin , up , left , up front , up , inverted , front , inverted and again , boom , we're already halfway there .

So put that where it needs to be .

And again , when you're solving this , this is we can't use this piece because uh it has some yellow in it can't use this piece has some yellow in it .

So here's another piece .

It doesn't have yellow in it .

It's a green orange .

We know it needs to go here to the right side .

So we'll do the right side algorithm to solve this .

You solve that yourself .

Boom .

Put that where it needs to be .

Now we have one more edge left .

This being the edge that we need to do .

Now , before I normally solve this , you may run into situations where you run into this .

The piece is in the correct place , but it's backwards and you're just like , holy crap .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

What do I do to get that out ?

Well , you just replace it .

You do that algorithm either from the left side or the right side .

I'm going to do the left algorithm being up inverted , left inverted , up , left , up front , up , inverted , front , inverted and boom , it swapped that piece out .

It got rid of it .

Now , we're not done yet .

It just moved it to a different location .

So we need to take it and put it into the right place .

So whether you want to do the right side to get that piece out or the left side , it doesn't matter .

As long as when it is out , you align it properly and then do the correct algorithm to get it into its place .

And there you go that solves the center layer .

Watch the last tutorial where we'll learn how to fix and solve the final cube .

It's the final tutorial .

I'm Jere 1 20 .

Be inspired to learn aspired to disturb and always rise above .


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