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2023-08-21 20:49:45

How to Reduce FACE FAT (Chubby Cheeks and Double Chin)

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Hello friends .

Welcome to Fit Table .

A lot of you are concerned about how to get rid of fat from cheeks under the chin and around the neck .

Well , I can help you with that .

I will also share with you some facial exercises that will help you lose the face fat .

But let's first understand that for most people , fat acts like the layers of an onion .

It does not disappear from a particular place but comes off layer by layer from the whole body .

However , for some people , it tends to go from the most recent place .

It for example , if your tummy started gaining first , this would be the last place for the fat to disappear from .

This is why a man can get a thin face yet still have a small spare tire on his waist .

In any case , pot reduction is a myth .

So my most important advice to you is that lose overall body fat .

Once you start reducing fat from your body , you will automatically find your face getting slimmed down to lose fat .

You need not starve yourself .

All you need to do is eat the right food in correct quantity .

Know that this information is not enough for you .

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This is why I suggest you to check out this video in which I have discussed in detail how anyone can easily lose body fat .

Next , I would suggest you to cut down on salt intake , eating salt in excess leads to water retention , which in turn makes the face and other body parts bloated .

So avoid junk food because that's the main culprit .

Junk food does not mean only pizzas and burgers .

Even the food that you had recently in your favorite Daba had sodium to turn your face into a puffy mess .

When at home use minimum amount of salt .

Moreover , you can switch to rock salt and black salt because they are better than the normal salt .

Always stay hydrated , staying hydrated , prevents water retention .

Your body retains water as a defense mechanism .

When you are not regularly drinking enough of it .

This leads to bloating in face and other parts .

Next .

Avoid alcohol .

What does alcohol do to you ?

It dehydrates the body , hence water retention .

So avoid it .

Having said this , let's talk about some specific exercises that will help you strengthen the facial muscles .

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But please remember these exercises will help you only if the already discussed points are followed .

This is why I am stressing you to check out this video .

Ok .

So these exercises hardly take any time .

So you can easily incorporate them in your fat loss every time .

Sim Hassan sit and roll like a lion .

A great yoga to strengthen facial muscles , hippo , jaw , open your mouth wide and hold for five seconds .

Xo , maneuver your face to pronounce the alphabets .

Xo repeatedly fish face , make a fish like face and hold for five seconds .

Yes , it's funny .

Chin lifts , look upward , stretch your tongue out and hold for five seconds .

This exercise is effective to get rid of double chin cheek puffs , fill one of your cheek with air and hold for five seconds .

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Now , transfer it to other cheek and repeat massage your face regularly .

For better circulation .

Just make sure the hand movements are upwards and keep smiling .

This is the most soul satisfying exercise you can ever do .

So .

Friends .

That's all for this video .

I hope you found it helpful .

Well , if you did do give it a thumbs up and also please do remember to subscribe to my channel .

My name is Vivek .

I thank you so much for watching .


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