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2023-08-21 20:52:37

Lose Weight In 4 Weeks _ Week 1 - Day 1 _ Surya Namaskar

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For each one of you .

I'm sure these last few weeks have been filled with parties high on fun and calories , but low on health , right ?

No worries .

We have a perfect weight loss plan for you , which will get you back in perfect shape .

In just four weeks .

For week one , we will stick to rear and serena only .

What is Serena ?

It is a series of 12 postures alternating forward and backward , bending , thereby flexing and stretching your spinal column and your limbs .

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The first seven posture of Serena are different from each other .

Rest , five postures are reputation of posture number 1 to 5 in reverse order .

Now , I'm going to teach you the first seven postures or keep your feet together and balance your weight equally on both the feet , join the palms in the in front of your chest so that your wrists and the elbows are parallel to the floor .

Stretch your whole body from the tip of your toes to the crown .

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Feel the engagement of each and every part of your body with this posture has the or raised arm poles , inhale , stretch your palms in front , exhale , pause for a second .

Further , raise your arms up so that your right arm is touching your right ear inhale , go further at the back , maintaining the stretch throughout your body .

Keep bending backward .

Make sure that there is no strain on the lower back , stretch your lower back and keep your hips engaged .

Be there for some time .

The or hand to foot post from position .

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Number two , inhale and move your arms and head back to a straight standing position with both the hands stretched above your head in the mad exhale and went forward from the waist and not from the upper back .

You're looking up and bending forward , try and wrist your right palm by the side of your right leg and left palm by the side of your left leg .

Be there for some time at normal breathing as or equestrian po move your right leg at the back .

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Your right leg is completely straight without bending at the knee , stretch .

Each and every part of your body .

Keep your left thigh , paddle to the floor .

Your left knee and ankle is in one line .

Look straight , be there for some time but not breathing a or move your left leg at the back stretch .

Both the arms lend in your arms , open your armpit , stretch your spine , try and press the wheels on the floor .

You are looking at your toes be there for some time at normal breathing .

Yeah .

A stand in a mac or salute with eight parts or points , move your body parallel to the floor in plank position .

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First throw your body weight forward and place your knees on the floor .

Also with exhalation , get your chest and chin on the floor .

Keep pressing your elbows close to your body .

Be there for some time at longer breathing or cobra pasture , stretch your toes out on the floor .

Your legs are together , press your palms on the floor , raise upper part of your body up .

Be there for some time with normal breathing .

Remember to perform posture 1 to 7 at one go do not break the series .

Repeat the whole series at least 10 to 15 times .

Also be extra careful about your neck , your back and your knees in case of any kind of discomfort , any kind of pain , stop immediately .

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Also , if you have not done it already , do subscribe to home yoga till then .

This is me , show me saying goodbye .


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