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2023-08-19 20:56:44

How To Make Vietnamese Pancakes 'Banh Xeo' - Marion's Kitchen

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Crispy , golden turmeric and coconut pancakes stuffed with a savory roast chicken filling .

This is my version of Vietnamese Bano .

Ok .

So I'm gonna jump at any chance to have pancakes for dinner .

Why not ?

Uh , these ones are really beautifully crispy and savory and they're so fresh when you've got that beautiful no charm dressing and all the herbs and everything .

Ah , it's just so good .

Ah , anyway , let's get on to the pancake batter itself .

Now , this is really cool guys because it happens to be also gluten free and dairy free and egg free .

Actually .

So , if you've got anyone that needs those sorts of things , then this is the recipe for you .

So , rice flour is what we're using and now some coconut milk , some water .

And then for that sunshine , golden yellow color .

I want a good dash of turmeric and a pinch of salt .

Just give that a whisk .

You should be thinking to yourself .

Wow , this looks too thin .

That's when you know you've got it right .

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Uh , because that really , really thin batter is gonna get super crispy in the pan .

That's exactly what we want .

Now , as with any crate batter I always find uh a little resting time of about 10 to 15 minutes tends to help with the texture of the pancake in the pan .

So while we're waiting for that , we're gonna make our Vietnamese Noch dressing .

Very simple .

I just want some fish sauce , some white vinegar , some sugar , some only chopped red chili and some garlic .

Just give that a whisk and one final element we want here is some lime juice , just squeeze and push down on that just to release all those juices inside .

This dressing is truly one of the most magical dressings .

I think that there is in Southeast Asia .

I just love the combination of the tangy and the sour and the sweet and the salty .

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It's everything I do always find though that sometimes I need to adjust according to how sour the lime is or your fish sauce could be saltier than mine .

So always give it a taste .

What you really want .

Here is a very nice balance of all those different flavors and then a little hint of that garlic and chili at the end .

Now , for the bits and pieces that go inside of your pancake , there are endless possibilities here .

So some of my favorites are prawns , fresh prawn , cooked prawns , a pork , a combination of pork and prawns .

I'm just doing a chicken version today .

I love this because I can just like pick up a rotisserie chicken or a barbecue chicken from my supermarket on the way home and get this done , which is good .

All leftovers , good for leftovers .

So , I've got chicken , I've got carrots , some shredded carrots , some bean shoots here and some coriander .

Obviously , if you're one of those coriander adverse people , you can leave that one out .

Don't shout about the coriander below .

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Uh , anyway , let's get down to the cooking part and I want a pan that's around about 22 centimeters in diameter .

I don't want one that's too oil .

You could make a giant crispy pancake if you want , the size doesn't really matter .

But if you want three medium sized kind of pancakes here , you want a 22 centimeter , a little bit of oil .

So you want enough oil to cover the bottom of that pan .

We want a particular kind of crispy lettuce work pattern happening on the bottom of our pancake and we need a little bit of oil to do that .

The other , the secret here is that I want this pan and the oil nice and hot .

I really wanna hear that sizzle the second we start putting the pancake batter in there .

OK .

This might take a little bit of practice first go , but you'll get it , pour some into the center and start swirling that pan vigorously afterwards .

Now I'm just gonna cover one side of the pancake with all my filling ingredients .

So I've got my chicken and my shredded carrot bean shoots and some sprigs of coriander .

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The key here is to let this keep sizzling away in that pan until we get a really crispy , crispy outside of the pancake and we start to see some nice color on the pancake as well .

Ok .

So we've got a beautiful pattern there .

We don't quite have the color yet though .

So I'm gonna let it keep going .

Ok ?

The color is looking good .

You can hear that sizzling happening .

I wanna fold that pancake over and then cos I'm doing about three here .

I'm just gonna pop this one on a tray .

So when it's time to serve up , I just like to pop one of these onto a plate or you can put them all out on a platter up to you and then you want a little sprinkling of spring onion on top .

And then the best thing is to serve it with some lettuce leaves and some mint leaves as well .

So let me show you how it goes .

Now you wanna cut a piece of that pancake off .

Ah , see how crispy that is .

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And then take a lettuce leaf drizzle over some of that sauce .

Plenty of the dressing .

Yum , put a few mint leaves and then you wrap everything up to a neat little bundle fairly neat .

Anyway , and then dig in the combination here guys is so magical .

You've got the crunchy turmeric flavor of the pancake and then those crunchy vegetables that beautiful dressing , which is sweet and tangy and all the things and then everything combined with the fresh herbs .

Mm , I tell you what , you just , oh , you just can't stop eating it .

If you've got any comments or questions , pop them below and if you enjoyed the video , why not hit that subscribe button ?

Plus the little bell one and that way you'll get notified every time I release a new video .

Thanks guys .

Food .


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