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2023-08-22 22:14:32

How to Remove Adware from Android _ Remove Ads

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Adware is a nasty application on your android device that displays unwanted ads .

These ads could appear in the notification area on the home screen .

And while browsing the internet adware , not just displays ads in your device , but they can also spy on you if you are suspecting spyware on your device .

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In this video .

We will help you in removing adware from your android device .

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If you are getting ads in the notification area and want to remove them , then tap on them and hold for a few seconds , then tap on the I button to view app info , then tap on notifications and disable the notifications .

It is better to uninstall this app .

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If there is no usage , this app might be tracking your activity and reporting to its makers removing screen ads .

If you are getting ads on your screen , even when it is locked , it means that there is adware infection and you need to remove it .

Open settings , tap on apps and notifications , tap on advanced , then special app access .

Now tap on display over other apps here , you will see some apps that have display over other apps permission .

You need to identify the app that is causing the ads .

Tap on the app .

Use the toggle switch to disable the permission .

If you are not sure which app is causing the issue , then try disabling the permission of each app one by one and see if the ads are disappeared .

The last app that you disabled is the culprit .

It is not wise to keep such apps on your device .

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So remove it , removing pop-ups and ads while browsing .

If you are getting pop ups from the Chrome browser , then it means you have allowed the push notifications for some websites .

There are other websites that cause unnecessary redirects .

If you are facing these issues , then follow these instructions .

Open Chrome , now open menu and go to settings .

Now tap on site settings , then tap on notifications , then expand the allowed section .

If you are receiving push notifications , then the site should be in the allowed section .

Tap on the site that you want to disable the notification , then tap on notifications .

Use the toggle switch to disable the permission .

If you don't want sites to ask for notifications permission , then you can disable this option .

Now you will not see the notification permission pop up .

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Now tap on the back button , then tap on pop ups and redirects use the toggle switch to disable this option , tap the back button again , then tap on ads , then disable this option .

Also , you can always enable the light mode on chrome .

It will save you from malicious and intrusive ads to enable it open settings on chrome , scroll down and then tap on light mode and enable it if you have found an application that is adware , but there isn't any uninstall option , then it must have the admin access .

You need to revoke the access , then uninstall it to revoke the admin access , open settings , then tap on security and location , scroll down and tap on advanced , then tap on device admin apps .

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Now tap on the toggle switch beside the app , tap on , deactivate this device admin app .

Now uninstall the adware app , how to stay away from adware on android .

Adware enters in your device in the form of apps .

So you need to follow caution while installing the apps .

One always install apps from the Play Store , don't trust third party app downloading sites .

Two , the Play Store is also not foolproof .

You should check the ratings and reviews of an app before installing three review the permissions .

An app is asking four install a reputable anti malware such as malware , Fox on your device .

If you follow the above steps , you can stay away from the adware if you face any issue , removing the adware , comment down below and we will try to come up with a solution , press the like button and subscribe to our channel .

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