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2023-08-22 22:12:07

5 Ways to Increase Appetite for Skinny Guys (GAIN WEIGHT FAST!)

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If you're a true hard gainer and find it nearly impossible to gain weight .

The solution is almost always the same , eat more food .

I guess you already know this .

But knowing is only half the battle you see , it's easy for me to give you a simple formula to help determine how much you'll need to eat .

But knowing exactly how much you need to eat alone isn't going to put size on you .

You'll have to eat consistently enough before you can expect to move the scale .

But we've always been skinny for a reason .

Our energy needs exceed our appetite , plain and simple .

And if you've ever attempted to gain weight , then I think we can both agree that it's no easy task while most people dream of having this problem for us , it's a nightmare that we can't seem to wake up from .

Does this sound like the issue you're having in this video ?

I wanna share five simple hard gainer strategies that you can use right now to help increase your appetite so that you can eat enough without having to force feed yourself .

Are you ready to increase your appetite and finally put on mass practically on command .

Let's jump right in .

Number one .

Wake up earlier .

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Have you ever heard of intermittent fasting ?

Essentially , it's a tool that people can use to reduce caloric intake effortlessly by decreasing the amount of time during the day in which they are allowed to consume meals .

If decreasing your feeding window works as a tool to ensure we are not overeating .

Increasing that feeding window to fit in more calories makes sense .

So if you're waking up at noon and going to bed at 11 p.m. then you've got 11 hours to stuff your face .

Instead try getting up a few hours earlier like 9 a.m. That will allow you to fit more meals into your day effortlessly .

Perhaps you're already getting up reasonably early .

If you're just not hungry , when you wake up and end up fasting for a few hours each morning , merely adding a breakfast meal or a shake upon waking can add anywhere from 250 to 500 calories or more to your day .

This could be the difference between being at maintenance and reaching that necessary caloric surplus .

Adding that breakfast meal may seem tedious for the first few days , but eventually you'll begin to adapt and notice you're already hungry as you wake up .

Number two , decrease protein when it comes to building muscle and maintaining overall health .

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There is plenty of scientific evidence that tells us exactly how much protein we need in our day .

However , too many fitness gurus whose main plan is to sell us protein supplements , tell us we need more than we do .

So we pound down protein shakes like they're going out of style .

The problem with that is protein is the most satiating macro nutrient of the three and it's keeping you full for long periods of time .

This is not to say you should follow a low protein diet .

On the contrary , getting sufficient protein is essential for muscle growth .

But aiming to reduce your protein intake , assuming you're going over the recommended 1 g per pound of body weight while increasing your carbs will make it easier to fit in more meals and more daily calories due to reduce fullness .

Number three , ditch the seafood diet .

The seafood diet .

You see food , you eat it , I'm sure you had a friend or two .

Tell you to eat everything in sight if you want to gain weight .

Hell , that's the first piece of advice I got when I started lifting .

But here's the problem with this approach .

On day one , you eat everything in sight .

You're eating peanut butter straight from the jar and you're pounding away pizza like you're in an eating contest .

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Congrats , you've consumed more energy than you've expended .

You've exceeded your calorie needs .

But what happens on day two ?

Yeah , you get , your appetite is completely gone .

You can hardly stomach a cup of apple sauce .

Congrats you've eaten far too little to meet your caloric surplus .

You couldn't even muster up the appetite to hit your maintenance calories .

On day one , you overeat and on day two you under eat by the end of the week you've managed to maintain your current weight .

So here's what I recommend .

Instead , you're not getting skinnier , but you're certainly not getting bigger .

This is because you're eating at maintenance .

So let's say that you're on average consuming 2500 calories per day .

That amount is just enough to maintain your current body weight instead of aiming to stuff your face , using these ineffective methods , simply aim to eat slightly above maintenance .

In this example , it would be 2600 calories .

Adding an extra 100 calories to your day is as easy as throwing in an extra handful of almonds .

Now you're in a surplus and eating enough to gain weight without having to drown yourself in food .

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Number four , train your metabolism , most people have probably told you that you'll have to eat six meals per day to build muscle .

And although this is an old school body building method that has been disproven , I believe there is still value there .

The human body is incredibly adaptive .

Going back to solution .

Number one , a person who never feels hungry in the morning can force themselves to eat at breakfast time for a bit until the body naturally adapts .

At that point , you'll naturally become hungry and consuming a meal upon waking is no longer Sure .

Although there's no magic number of meals we must consume daily .

Sticking to an eating schedule will force adaptations .

Thus , eventually we'll be hungry every few hours , which will help us get calories .

In number five , homemade weight gain shakes .

Sometimes our appetite is not a problem .

We just get so busy that we forget to eat .

If your appetite is not necessarily the culprit for your inability to gain weight , then perhaps you just need convenience .

Starting to include a high cal nutrition , dense shake to your day will make your life way easier .

These shakes can add an extra 600 to 1000 calories to your day in minutes .

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And because it's liquid , they tend to digest a bit faster , which eliminates the prolonged fullness that typically comes with eating lots of solid foods .

Here's a shake recipe .

You can try one cup , almond milk , one banana , one scoop protein powder , two tablespoons of peanut butter , one cup oats blend and drink simple enough .

Right now , it's time to take action , implement these solutions and make eating enjoyable .

Again , there's a reason that force feeding is a commonly used torture method because it's precisely that torture .

So there you have it .

Here are the five strategies you can use to increase appetite .

Number one , get an early start on your meals .

Number two , decrease protein .

Number three , gradually increase calorie intake over time .

Number four , train your metabolism .

Number five , add homemade weight gain shakes .

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Peace .


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